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    Sample Essays Arranged by Topic

    1 Why go to university?
    2 Are parents best teachers?
    3 Has the easiness of cooking im-proved life?
    4 Books and experience
    5 A factory in your community
    6 Change about my hometown
    7 How do movies or TV affect peo-ple?
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    8 Has TV destroyed communication?
    9 A small town vs. a big city
    10 Luck and hard work
    11 Sports or library?
    12 Why do people go to museums?
    13 Eat out or eat at home?
    14 Should students be required to attend classes?
    15 Qualities of a good neighbor
    16 A new restaurant in your neighborhood
    17 Learn by yourself or with a teacher?
    18 Qualities of a good supervisor
    19 Highways or public transporta-tion?
    20 Countryside or city?
    21 Why do people live longer?
    22 Important qualities of a co-worker
    23 Should teenagers work?
    24 The advantages of living in my city
    25 A new shopping center
    26 A new movie theater
    27 Should people do things that they do not like?
    28 Media and celebrities
    29 Has human harmed the Earth?
    30 A high school in the community
    31 Stay at one place or move around?
    32 Spend money or save them?
    33 Jewelry or concert?
    34 Should business never fire peo-ple?
    35 Live vs. television broadcast
    36 A vehicle that changed people's lives
    37 Is progress always good?
    38 Is learning about the past useful?
    39 Can new technologies help stu-dents?
    40 Never, never give up
    41 Should land be saved for ani-mals?
    42 An important skill
    43 Dangerous sport
    44 Travel with a companion vs. travel alone
    45 Get up early vs. stay up late
    46 Qualities of a good son or daughter
    47 A large company vs. a small company
    48 Why do people work?
    49 Face-to-face communication
    50 Do same things vs. try new things
    51 Taking risks vs. planning
    52 Change to your hometown
    53 Is money the most important aspect of a job?
    54 External appearance
    55 Make decision alone
    56 Arts or environment?
    57 Serious movies vs. entertaining movies
    58 Can business do anything to make a profit?
    59 Get things done
    60 Are games important to adults?
    61 Should parents decide for teen-agers?
    62 What do you want most in a friend?
    63 Are difficult experiences valu-able lessons?
    64 Self-employed vs. employed
    65 Should a city preserve its his-toric buildings?
    66 Are classmates a more important influence?
    67 Inexperienced or experienced workers?
    68 Is daily homework necessary?
    69 What subject will you study?
    70 Have automobiles improved modern life?
    71 A high-paying job vs. quality spare time
    72 Does grades encourage students to learn?
    73 Has computer made life easier?
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    74 Is it better to travel with a tour guide?
    75 Multiple subjects vs. one subject
    76 Should children learn a foreign language?
    77 Should boys and girls go to separate schools?
    78 Teamwork vs. working inde-pendently
    79 Who would you choose to build a statue for?
    80 Describe a custom from your country
    81 Has technology made the world better?
    82 Can ads tell about a country?
    83 A single world culture
    84 The Internet
    85 One-day-visit to your country
    86 A time and a place in the past
    87 An important discovery in the last 100 years
    88 Telephone communication
    89 What person would you like to meet?
    90 What famous athlete would you like to meet?
    91 What question will you ask a famous person?
    92 Dynamic weather
    93 Important qualities of a good roommate
    94 Dancing's role
    95 Explore the outer space
    96 Reduce stress
    97 Teachers' pay
    98 What to represent your country?
    99 Would you choose your own roommate?
    100 Computer technology or basic needs?
    101 Work by hand vs. by machine
    102 Should students evaluate their teachers?
    103 What characteristic makes peo-ple successful?
    104 Contributions of artists vs. sci-entists
    105 University housing vs. apart-ment
    106 Means of transportation
    107 Should higher education be available to all?
    108 The best way of learning
    109 Follow the customs of the new country
    110 Being alone vs. with friends
    111 One or two friends, or many friends?
    112 How should children spend their time?
    113 A new university in the com-munity
    114 Who influence more, family or friends?
    115 Plan for free time
    116 Methods of learning
    117 Different friends or similar friends?
    118 New experiences vs. usual hab-its
    119 Do clothes make a man?
    120 Are quick decisions always wrong?
    121 Do you trust first impressions?
    122 Should people be satisfied
    123 Non-fictions vs. fictions
    124 Social science vs. natural sci-ence
    125 Should art be compulsory sub-ject?
    126 Can young people teach older people?
    127 Reading fiction vs. watching movies
    128 Physical exercise vs. academic study
    129 Business vs. agricultural research
    130 Children and sports
    131 Money and success
    132 A new product
    133 Are childhood years most im-portant in life?
    134 Should children do household tasks?
    135 Should students wear uniforms?
    136 Is winning important in a game?
    137 Should students choose sub-jects?
    138 Member vs. leader
    139 The most important room in a house
    140 Hand vs. machine
    141 Change about your school
    142 A gift for a child
    143 A long vacation vs. short vaca-tions
    144 A house vs. an apartment
    145 The role of advertisements
    146 Outdoors vs. indoors
    147 How should your school spend a gift of money?
    148 Does playing games teach us about life?
    149 How would you use a free gift of land?
    150 Is watching TV bad for children?
    151 The most important animal
    152 Why should forest be saved?
    153 Is a zoo useful?
    154 Is it right to ban smoking?
    155 What plant is important in your country?
    156 Which country would you like to visit?
    157 Computers vs. traditional schools
    158 Are celebrities' opinions right?
    159 What should be remembered?
    160 Complain in writing vs. in per-son
    161 Why do people remember their gifts?
    162 Do starts deserve high salary?
    163 The importance of reading and writing
    164 What do you do for good health?
    165 One thing to improve your community
    166 What events make a person an adult?
    167 Purchase computers or books?
    168 Why study abroad?
    169 Why is music important to many people?
    170 Why are groups or organiza-tions important?
    171 What would you take for a trip?
    172 How can schools help new stu-dents?
    173 Does borrowing money harm friendship?
    174 Generation differences
    175 Should students talk on classes?
    176 What holiday would you create?
    177 A vacation or a car?
    178 Changes in the 21st century
    179 Qualities of a good parent
    180 Why are movies so popular?
    181 Should lands be developed?
    182 Is human relationship with pets useful?
    183 A country from its movies
    184 Self-study vs. group study
    185 A house or a business?
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