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    PROJECT MANAGEMENT BODY OF KNOWLEDGE 5TH Edition {A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge}: PMBOK(R) Guide by Project Management Institute (Jan 1, 2013) (PMBOK GUIDE 5TH)

    by Project Management Institute (Author)

    Overall, the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition is a well, thought-out improvement from the previous editions.
    Although much of the content is not new, what has changed and improved is its organization of the content and its readability.

    There is a new knowledge area for stakeholder management, which illustrates the importance project stakeholders are to the project. This content is similar to what was in the PMBOK® Guide, 4th Edition under communication management. In this edition, stakeholder management has its own knowledge area and subsequent component processes.

    There is an explanation on establishing business value for undertaking a project. This section helps justify why an organization should adopt project management practices.

    Expanding on what constitutes the project team, which includes the project manager, the project management team, and the project team. The PMBOK® Guide distinguishes between dedicated and part-time project teams, which reflects the “real world” environment in which project operate in.

    This edition continues to expand the role of interpersonal skills as the “soft skills” are becoming a critical aspect for successfully leading and managing projects.

    A few of key improvements that I found beneficial:
    • Comparative overview between project, program, and portfolio management,
    • Illustrating the technique for calculating the critical path,
    • Identifying and listing the earned value management formulas;
    • Listing of what documents should be included in the project management plan and what documents should be considered as ancillary project documents,
    • Distinguishing between phase-to-phase relationships (sequential and overlapping) compared to different project life cycles (predictive, iterative, and adaptive),
    • Better alignment with other PMI® standards.

    The PMBOK® Guide is written to describe the processes, tools, and techniques to lead and manage a project. It does not and should not explain how to conduct which processes, tools, and techniques should be used for leading and managing a project. The PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition is no exception to this rule.

    As organizations are emerging to bounce back from uncertainties in our global economy, those with the right the project management skills will be in high demand in the largest economic recovery we’ve seen.

    The PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition is worthy of being a significant achievement in its contribution to the profession of project management. My compliments go out to the many volunteers who dedicated their time and energy in developing the PMBOK® Guide, 5th Edition.

    Dr. Stephen C. Burgan, PMP

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