Cơ Đốc A History Of God by Karen Armstrong

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    "This is the most fascinating and learned survey of the biggest wild-goose chase in history - the quest for God. Karen Armstrong is a genius" (A.N. Wilson)

    "A splendidly readable book...the stage is set for the question: has God a future?" (Sister Wendy Beckett Sunday Times)

    "We are all watching a daily fight between the darkness and light. What we want, but may never get, is assurance that the light will prevail. Armstrong is too tough a thinker to offer us comfort there" (Anthony Burgess Observer)

    "Armstrong shows a reverent curiosity and a generosity of spirit, refreshing the understanding of what one knows and providing a clear introduction to the unfamiliar" (Rt Revd Robert Runcie Daily Telegraph)

    "Witty, informative and contemplative: Ms Armstrong can simplify complex ideas, but she is never simplistic" (New York Times Book Review)

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