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    In a matter of seconds, Leotis Wilson murders his entire family and speeds away in his pickup. His only witness is homicide detective Jessie Sands, who arrives on the scene just before he commits the crime. As Jessie tails Leotis to a bridge, she watches him toss his shotgun into the river and then points her .38 at him. But Leotis refuses to give up easily. In the ensuing struggle, Jessie shoots him, unintentionally drops her gun, and watches helplessly as it falls into the water below.

    When Internal Affairs is called to investigate the officer-involved shooting, Jessie knows she may be in trouble, even though she acted in self-defense. She has no idea how bad that trouble will be-soon her lost weapon is used to kill a prominent attorney.

    Meanwhile, in Atlanta, Detective Bud Prior is investigating a complex case involving greed, murder, and temptation. As Jessie works to solve her own high-profile murder investigation, she is inexorably drawn into the evil web Bud has just uncovered involving a bad cop. As the two detectives attempt to bring their nemesis to justice, neither is prepared for what is about to happen next.

    In this riveting murder mystery, two detectives must sacrifice everything in order to take down a crime ring fueled by a cold-hearted, determined villain.


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