A Priceless Proposal: The Complete Collection - Holly Rayner

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    A Priceless Proposal: The Complete Collection
    (Contemporary Billionaire Romance)
    by Holly Rayner

    Starving artist Victoria is fed up; fed up of schmoozing lecherous donors, who value her looks more than her talent, fed up of being a renowned British artist lost in the big American city, and fed up of men.

    The handsome, outrageously wealthy, and perhaps a little arrogant Conner McAlpine, on the other hand, is struggling to find investors for his latest money-grabbing scheme; an expansion of his business into the art collection sector.

    Under strange circumstances they meet, and under stranger circumstances realize that they can use each other to their advantage; Victoria soon finds a charming and generous benefactor in him, and Conner an enthusiastic entrance to the world of art in his young, talented protege. Before long they're inextricably tangled in each other's web of untruths and white lies, and to make matters worse, the brash and impulsive billionaire thrusts an engagement ring onto Victoria's finger, urging her to play along!

    Introduced to the world as Conner McAlpine's fiancée, Victoria can't quite believe what's happening to her; caught between conflicting feelings of bitter anger, and prestigious privilege, she plays along nonetheless, and finds that the life of a billionaire's fiancée isn't as easy as she'd expected.

    As their strictly-for-business engagement grows deeper, Victoria discovers more to her billionaire benefactor than the narcissistic playboy that meets the eye, and Conner may have just discovered a calling greater and more fulfilling than any high-powered business deal. Can their blossoming love overcome the doubts and aspersions of the world? Can Victoria truly tame such a wildly competitive, passionately driven man as Conner McAlpine? And can Conner learn that not everything in life can be as simple as a mere business arrangement?

    This enthralling 51,500 word tale is the complete collection of Holly Rayner's thrilling series A Priceless Proposal, a multi-volume romance spanning three books.

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