A Walk Across the Sun - Corban Addison

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    Corban Addison's debut novel, A Walk Across the Sun, made waves when it was first published, called "pulse-revving with a serious message," by O, the Oprah magazine. John Grisham said, "Addison has written a novel that is beautiful in its story and also important in its message. A Walk Across The Sun deserves a wide audience." A trained lawyer committed to the cause of advancing international human rights and abolishing modern slavery, Addison has written a novel that enlightens while it entertains; A Walk Across the Sun brings together three of Addison's great passions--storytelling, human rights, and the world's many cultures.
    Ahalya Ghai is just seventeen when a tsunami rips through her Indian village. Ahalya and her sister Sita are the sole survivors of their family. Destitute, their only hope is to find refuge at a convent in Chennai, many miles away. A driver agrees to take them. But the second they get into that car they are doomed - the two sisters are sold. Ahalya doesn't understand why any man would pay so much money for them. She will soon find out. On the other side of the world, Washington, D.C. lawyer Thomas Clarke witnesses the kidnapping of a young girl. Struggling to cope after the death of his baby daughter and the collapse of his marriage to Priya, he takes a sabbatical from his high-pressure job and accepts a position with the Bombay branch of CASE, the Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation. He is now on a path that not only involves saving himself and his marriage, but the lives of Ahalya and Sita Ghai. A Walk Across The Sun is about cruelty and loss. It is about family and survival. And ultimately it is about love, and the immeasurable.


    'A novel that is beautiful in its story and important in its message. A Walk Across the Sun deserves a wide audience' John Grisham.

    'Addison's debut is an unforgettable read' Star Magazine.

    'It was more than just an intriguing read. It was an experience ... a novel that will change how you view the world. This is definitely one to read' Awaaz news.

    'An accomplished, compelling thriller, drawing people towards a difficult, heartrending subject' Bookbag.

    'An astounding novel full of first-hand insight that could only come from true-life experience' Irish Sunday Independent.

    'a real page turner, beautifully written, compelling but with a hugely important message at its heart' writing.ie.

    'an immensely readable and powerful indictment of the global trade in human beings' Tribune.

    'His sensitive treatment of a difficult subject in an atmospheric page-turning thriller deserves to be read' The American.

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