Across Cultures: Culture, Literature, Music, Language (Student book, Teacher book and

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    Across Cultures:Culture,Literature,Music,Language (Student book,Teacher book & Audio)

    Nghe cái tên thì biết rồi nhỉ. Ai thấy có ích thì cứ down về mà học. Hiện em cũng đang tham khảo cuốn này...kekeke


    2004 | ISBN: 0582817978 | Pages: 162 | PDF, MP3 | 204 Mb

    Across Cultures is one of the best cross-cultural course books, especially for those classes that have already studied English in their first, extra year (bilingual secondaries).This book has a wide range of cultural information on topics such as civilization, literature, music, language, history, geography, society, etc of the English-speaking world. I also strongly recommend it for FCE-preparation or for the Higher Mature Exams. The book is organised into modules and there is guidance in the Teacher’s book if you only want to focus particularly on one of the countries.
    Across Cultures is a new modular, flexible, user-friendly course which presents a wide variety of material on the English-speaking world. Traditional topics, such as geography and institutions, are fully covered, along with the most up-to-date themes and topics.

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    PDF in RAR Student's Book 96.33 Mb
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    PDF in RAR Teacher's Book 20.4 Mb
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    MP3 in RAR Audio 94.21 Mb
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    Bạn có thể kiểm tra lại link được không? Link dl không vô đc :(
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    hix.bạn ơi up lại link hộ với
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    Đã up lại link bạn nhé!
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    bạn ui sao mình nhập mật khẩu mà không được :(
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    Bạn down về, lúc giải nén yêu cầu nhập mật khẩu thì bạn nhập vào là giải nén được. Mình vừa thử vẫn được mà bạn! :confused:
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