Dân Gian Afterlife _ Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death

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    Afterlife _ Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death

    By Barry Eaton


    What happens when someone dies? What does it feel like? What exactly is the light at the end of the tunnel? Is reincarnation real? And if so, do spirits have any influence over their lives to come?

    Based on his own amazing experiences communicating with those who have passed over, Barry Eaton answers these questions about the spirit world, and many, many more. Taking the reader on a journey through the realm of the spirit, the author details the whole process of crossing into the next life, from the journey “home,” to adapting to new living conditions in the afterlife, and even delving into what kinds of activities will be available there, and how we can be prepared for our own personal journey.

    This book will give hope, alleviate fear, and provide comfort for anyone who has questions or concerns about life after death.
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