Magazine All About History - Issue 32

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    English | 100 pages | True PDF | 77 MB

    Dawn of the Tudors

    - Henry VII, the Battle of Bosworth and the victory that changed England forever

    Billy the Kid
    - Did the Wild West outlaw really survive his death?

    10 worst prisons
    - From Alcatraz to Pentonville, the Hells on Earth exposed

    Death in Egypt
    - How grisly ancient rituals unlocked the passage to the afterlife

    The Harlem Hellfighters
    - The inspirational story of the unit that overcame the odds

    Also inside...
    - 10 not-so-secret agents
    - Albert Einstein
    - Life on a Tudor ship
    - Computers through history
    - The Dieppe Raid
    - Victorian detectives
    - Irish Great Famine
    - Ninjas
    - World War II codebreaking

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