Always to remember - Lorraine Heath

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    Tham gia ngày: Apr 2008
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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] Always to remember by Lorraine Heath
    Always to remember



    The people of Cedar Grove, Texas hate Clayton Holland not for what he did, but for what he didn't do. When war broke out, Clay didn't go with the rest of the young men to fight-- and to die. He didn't believe in the cause they were fighting for and he refused to kill for it. Branded a coward, he was held prisoner, tortured and almost executed after the Confederate Army took him away and tried to get him to fight. But that hell was nothing compared to the hell he faced returning to Cedar Grove and watching the accusing faces of the people who believed he was a traitor to his friends, his town, his state. Ostracized, Clay's only companions are his brothers-- one of which hates him almost as much as the rest of the town. Meg Warner lost three brothers and her husband in the war and she hates Clay, too. She hates him so much, she concocts a plan to punish him and make him realize what a coward he is. Clay has a talent for sculpting and Meg wants him to carve a memorial statue to honor those who died. She intends to oversee the project, watching Clay as he creates a monument that will be a silent testimony to his own cowardice. As she begins to spend time with him, Meg begins to see Clay for the man that he is-- kind, decent and thoughtful. But while her mind clings to hatred, her heart lets go of the past reaches out to the man who was her husband's friend. Clay has never run from a fight in his life and he stands by his beliefs. Even if Meg wanted him, he could not accept the heaven that a life with Meg would offer because he doesn't want the hate that surrounds him to touch her. Clay knows it will be better if he leaves town-- better for his brothers, better for the townspeople and better for Meg. Without him as a constant reminder of all that they lost, perhaps they will begin to heal, so he decides that as soon as the monument is finished he will leave Cedar Grove. The love that Meg feels for Clay replaces the hate she thought she felt. She realizes that his pain is no less than her's and that he has suffered far greater than anyone realizes. But their love will have to conquer the past before they can find happiness together.Captivating! Lorraine Heath has written a wonderful tribute to love, friendship and courage! She writes from the heart and it shows! Always To Remember will touch you like no other book has in a long, long time! It will bring tears to your eyes, leave a lump in your throat and put a song in your heart! A well-crafted plot woven by a very gifted author! Lorraine Heath is truly remarkable! A poignant story that is sure to capture the hearts of romance fans everywhere!

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