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    Mandy Egle | 2008—2010 | mp3 + mp4 + Tapescript | 1.71 GB

    In the American English Pronunciation Podcast, Mandy offers weekly lessons covering the most common and difficult English pronunciation issues for non-native English speakers and ESL students everywhere. Formal and informal pronunciation patterns are discussed. Learn about the pronunciations you are actually hearing in conversational English, not just perfect “dictionary pronunciation.” Content :
    01 The English th sounds
    02 The English t sound and d sound
    03 The English s sound and z sound
    04 The American English r sound
    05 The American English r sound and l sound
    06 The American English r-controlled vowels
    07 The English w sound and y sound
    08 The American English long vowel sounds
    09 The American English short vowel sounds
    10 The American English oo sound and u (as in put)
    11 The American English aw sound, oi sound and ow sound
    12 The American English common contractions
    13 The American English informal contractions
    14 Linking consonant sounds
    15 Linking vowel sounds
    16 Reduced pronouns he, him, her, them
    17 The English sh sound and zh sound
    18 The English f sound and v sound
    19 The English -ed ending pronunciation
    20 The Rythm Rule and Sentence Stress
    21 The Rythm Rule and Sentence Stress, continued
    22 Review all the sounds covered so far
    23 English p sound and b sound
    24 English ch sound and j sound
    25 English ng sound, beginning nasal sounds
    26 English m sound and n sound
    27 English g sound and k sound
    28 English h sound
    29 compare the short i and long e sounds
    30 2-syllable word stress and -tion -sion syllable stress
    31 -ic suffix word syllable stress
    32 -ize suffix word syllable stress
    33 -ate suffix word syllable stress and heteronyms
    34 consonant plus y suffix word syllable stress
    35 there, their, they’re – they’re all said the same!
    36 palpable, a word worth learning to say
    37 says and said – two words not said with a long a
    38 idea – a troublesome little 4-letter word
    39 quit, quite, and quiet
    40 been, not bean
    41 the silent b in the -mb spelling
    42 audio of video 1 review long and short vowels, long and short a
    43 about the words world and word
    44 letter x pronunciations
    45 audio of video 2 long e and short e
    46 th+r=difficult sound combination
    47 could, should, and would
    48 talk and walk and other -alk words
    49 audio of video 3 long i and short i
    50 the silent t in sten and stle
    51 audio of video 4 compare short e, long e and short i
    52 Linking from the -ed ending
    53 Phrasal verb sentence stress
    55 Introduction to intonation and high pitch words
    56 Extra-high pitch words for extra intensity
    57 Comparing extra-high and rising pitch words
    58 Pitch Boundaries, Rising and Falling
    59 Falling pitch boundaries on yes-no questions
    60 Are tag questions really questions
    61 The American t as a quick d sound
    62 audio of video 5 long o spelling and pronunciation
    63 When Americans don’t say the t sound
    64 audio of video 6 short o spelling and pronunciation
    65 The glottal stop in place of the t sound
    66 Syllabic n’s and nasal plosions
    67 audio of video 7 aw sound spelling and pronunciation
    68 Voiced and Unvoiced th sound review
    69 Numbers – Teens versus Tens
    70 audio of video 8 long u and oo sound spelling and pronunciation
    71 dropped syllables, syncope
    72 Substituting the n sound for the ng sound in the -ing ending
    73 Reducing the word ‘of’ to the schwa sound
    74 Are the words for and four pronounced the same
    75 The differences between can and can’t
    76 audio of video 9 Schwa, Part 1
    77 Comparing the long e, short i, short e, and short u sounds
    78 Comparing the short a, short o, and aw sounds
    79 Comparing the long a, long i, and long e sounds
    80 audio of video 10 other u sound (u as in put)
    81 Comparing the long o and ow sound
    82 Thanksgiving holiday th sounds review
    83 audio of video 11 schwa+r spelling and pronunciation
    84 Words that begin with the wh- spelling
    85 Why is the word Christmas pronounced with a k sound
    86 audio of video 12 Using rhymes to learn pronunciation
    87 Two New Year’s announcements
    88 Why is tch easier to pronounce than ch
    89 audio of video 13 Introduction to long vowels
    89 introduction to long vowels.m1v
    90 The j sound, spelled j, dge, ge, and g(i)
    91 iPad-iPod, the world’s newest short a short o minimal pair
    92 audio of video 14 sh sound, pronunciation and beginning spelling patterns
    93 Do you accidentally make your l sound into a w sound
    94 t+y=ch, d+y=j
    95 audio of video 15 sh sound, part 2
    96 The word women could have been wimmen

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