An Invisible Thread by Laura Schroff and Alex Tressniowski

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    Một câu chuyện thực sống động và đầy xúc cảm.
    Truyện này ít nhiều giống chuyện trong phim "The Blind Side" do Sandra Bullock đóng và tác phẩm "
    In a Heartbeat: Sharing the Power of Cheerful Giving" của Leigh Anne và Sean Tuohy.

    When Laura Schroff brushed by a young panhandler(*) on a New York City corner one rainy afternoon, something made her stop and turn back. She took the boy to lunch at the McDonald’s across the street that day. And she continued to go back, again and again for the next four years until both their lives had changed dramatically. Nearly thirty years later, that young boy, Maurice, is married and has his own family. Now he works to change the lives of disadvantaged kids, just like the boy he used to be.
    An Invisible Thread is the true story of the bond between a harried sales executive and an eleven-year-old boy who seemed destined for a life of poverty. It is the heartwarming story of a friendship that has spanned three decades and brought meaning to an over-scheduled professional and hope to a hungry and desperate boy living on the streets.

    Ghi chú: (*) panhandler: người ăn xin.

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