Fairy-Myth Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends - Edited by Jeannette L. Faurot

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    These stories offer us an introduction to the complex oral traditions of the varied civilizations of one of the world's most fascinating regions.
    Exotic, clever, and poignant, Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends invites you into a magically distinctive world. Originating from the far corners of the globe—China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia—these tales teach us about morality and mysticism in enchanting ways. Organized by universal folkloric themes, Asian-Pacific Folktales and Legends features animal stories, tales of magical skill, explanations of how things came to be the way they are, delightful depictions of the clever and the foolish, ghosts and supernatural beings, and legends about heroes and gods. From "The Supernatural Crossbow," a Vietnamese tale, to the Malaysian story of "The Man in the Moon," each piece in this collection explores a self-contained, dreamlike universe that both delights and transports the reader. Shaped by the geographical and cultural influences of a people, these stories offer us an introduction to the complex oral traditions of the varied civilizations of one of the world's most fascinating regions.



    Pan Gu, Nuwa, and Gonggong China
    The Sun and the Moon Korea
    The Salt-Grinding Millstones Japan
    The Twelve Animals of the Zodiac China
    Half-Child Indonesia
    How the Tiger Got His Stripes Vietnam
    The Mosquito Vietnam
    The Da-Trang Crabs Vietnam
    Mouse-Deer Tales Indonesia
    Three Fox Stones Japan
    The Jelly-fish and the Monkey Japan
    The Crackling Mountain Japan
    The Miraculous Tea-kettle Japan
    The Turtle and the Monkey Philippines
    The Mouse Lord Chooses a Bridegroom Japan
    The Old Tiger and the Hare Korea
    The Locust, the Ant, and the Kingfisher Korea
    Archer Hou Yi and Chang-O China
    The Herdsboy and the Weaving Maid China
    The Sea Palace Japan
    Momotaro, the Peach Boy Japan
    Kaguya Himé Japan
    The Ballad of Mulan China
    The Supernatural Crossbow Vietnam
    Rajah Soliman’s Daughter Philippines
    The Tokkaebi’s Club Korea
    Ma Liang and His Magic Brush China
    The Tongue-cut Sparrow Japan
    Little One Inch Japan
    Umpong-Umpong and Babakud Malaysia
    Planting Pears China
    The Magic Cap Korea
    The Wonder-Tree Indonesia
    Serungal Malaysia
    The Dog and the Cat Korea
    The Man in the Moon Malaysia
    The Story of Tam and Cam Vietnam
    The Oni’s Laughter Japan
    The Vampire Cat Japan
    The Painted Skin China
    The Man Who Sold a Ghost China
    The Legend of Arang Korea
    The Centipede Girl Korea
    The Crane Wife Japan
    The Lizard Husband Indonesia
    The Wolf Dream China
    Escaping from the Ogre Indonesia
    The Pedlar’s Son China
    The Story of Nai Prasop Thailand
    The Dream at Nam Kha Vietnam
    The Glass Stopper Thailand
    The River God’s Wife China
    “Of Course!" China
    King Bato and Asin Philippines
    Ooka the Wise Japan
    Wise Magistrates China
    Poisonous Persimmons Korea
    Shade Selling Korea
    Ah Jin’s Unlucky Words China
    The Magic Herb China
    The Foolish Son-in-law China

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