Awoken by Passion - R.J. Dale

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    "I could have handled the two weeks I’d slept away, maybe even the missing day of memory itself or the lack of speech but the truth was. Melody was no more. That I couldn't handle. A hazy void filled into my mind as the murky darkness surrounded me. Empty. Silent. Until I saw Ethan Coffer. His face was what I would call angelic; it was so handsome for a boy of seventeen – dangerous and mysterious. "​

    Kera Watson’s life is turned upside down in a single moment when she wakes from a two week coma to discover she has no voice and her best friend died in a mysterious accident. Three months on and Kera has withdrawn into herself, with no voice she has no wish to communicate with anyone. But when seventeen year old Ethan Coffer starts at her school, a secretive and dangerously interesting person; she is drawn to him instantly. He talks to her – the first person in months, not only does he talk to her but he somehow answers her unspoken words. The mystery of Ethan deepens in a twist of hidden secrets and impossible odds as to a love she can’t deny and finds herself falling into with open arms. Discovering a hidden power and what really happened that day three months ago.

    This is a supernatural teen romance. Advisable for matured teens.

    Some descriptions about Author RJ Dale:
    RJ Dale lives in Queensland Australia. She has been writing for over ten years, inspired by the teen shows, books based on adventure with a love of supernatural, magical and all things unexplained. Paranormal romance and adventure came upon her by a sudden need to write about the impossible things one evening. Unable to shake the ideas that flooded her mind, with fingers to keyboards she discovered a new passion she had always thought of but never fully trusted herself with. With an addiction to staying up too late, constantly yammering to her twelve year old terrier cross, she has an obsession with owning too many key boards.

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