Romance Barbara Cartland Collection

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    Barbara Cartland
    (Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland)
    UK (1901 - 2000)
    Barbara McCorquodale

    About Barbara Cartland

    Barbara Cartland, the world's most famous romantic novelist, who was also an historian, playwright, lecturer, political speaker and television personality, wrote almost 700 books and has sold over 650 million copies throughout the world. She also had many historical works published and wrote four autobiographies as well as the biographies of her mother and her brother.


    16. Theresa and a Tiger (1984)
    17. Love Is Heaven (1984)
    18. Miracle for a Madonna (1984)
    19. A Very Unusual Wife (1984)
    20. The Peril and the Prince (1984)
    21. Alone and Afraid (1985)
    22. Temptation of a Teacher (1985)
    23. Royal Punishment (1985)
    24. The Devilish Deception (1985)
    25. Paradise Found (1985)
    26. Love Is a Gamble (1985)
    27. A Victory for Love (1985)
    28. Look With Love (1985)
    29. Never Forget Love (1985)
    30. Helga in Hiding (1986)
    31. Safe at Last (1985)
    32. Haunted (1986)
    33. Crowned With Love (1986)
    34. Escape (1985)
    35. The Devil Defeated (1986)
    36. The Secret of the Mosque (1986)
    37. A Dream in Spain (1986)
    38. The Love Trap (1986)
    39. Love Under Fire (1970)
    39. Listen to Love (1986)
    40. The Golden Cage (1986)
    41. Love Casts Out Fear (1986)
    42. A World of Love (1987)
    43. Dancing on a Rainbow (1987)
    44. Love Joins the Clans (1986)
    45. An Angel Runs Away (1986)
    46. Love Forbidden (1971)
    46. Forced to Marry (1987)
    47. Bewildered in Berlin (1987)
    48. Wanted-A Wedding Ring (1987)
    49. The Earl Escapes (1987)
    50. Starlight over Tunis (1987)
    51. The Love Puzzle (1987)
    52. Love and Kisses (1987)
    53. Sapphires in Siam (1987)
    54. The Caretaker of Love (1988)
    55. Secrets of the Heart (1988)
    56. A Light to the Heart (1971)
    56. Riding in the Sky (1988)
    57. Lovers in Lisbon (1987)
    59. The Goddess of Love (1987)
    60. An Adventure of Love (1988)
    61. The Herb for Happiness (1987)
    62. Only a Dream (1988)
    63. Saved by Love (1987)
    64. Little Tongues of Fire (1988)
    65. A Chieftain Finds Love (1988)
    66. A Lovely Liar (1988)
    67. The Perfume of the Gods (1987)
    68. A Knight in Paris (1989)
    69. Revenge Is Sweet (1988)
    70. The Passionate Princess (1988)
    71. Solita and the Spies (1989)
    72. The Perfect Pearl (1989)
    73. Love Is a Maze (1989)
    74. A Circus for Love (1987)
    75. The Temple of Love (1988)
    76. The Bargain Bride (1989)
    77. The Haunted Heart (1989)
    78. Real Love or Fake (1990)
    79. Kiss from a Stranger (1990)
    80. A Very Special Love (1990)
    81. The Necklace of Love (1989)
    82. A Revolution of Love (1988)
    83. The Marquis Wins (1990)
    84. Love Is the Key (1990)
    85. Love at First Sight (1989)
    86. The Taming of a Tigress (1989)
    87. Paradise in Penang (1989)
    88. The Earl Rings a Belle (1990)
    90. The Wings of Ecstasy (1981)
    90. No Disguise for Love (1991)
    93. Too Precious to Lose (1991)
    94. Hiding (1991)
    95. A Tangled Web (1991)
    96. Just Fate (1991)
    97. A Miracle in Mexico (1990)
    98. Warned by a Ghost (1991)
    99. Two Hearts in Hungary (1991)
    100. A Theatre of Love (1991)
    101. A Dynasty of Love (1992)
    102. Magic from the Heart (1991)
    103. The Windmill of Love (1992)
    105. Love and War (1992)
    107. A Coronation of Love (1992)
    108. A Wish Comes True (1992)
    109. A Nightingale Sang (1979)
    109. Loved for Himself (1992)
    111. Hidden by Love (1992)
    112. Born of Love (1992)
    115. The Cave of Love (1993)
    116. The Peaks of Ecstasy (1993)
    117. Lucky Logan Finds Love (1993)
    118. The Angel and the Rake (1993)
    119. The Queen of Hearts (1993)
    120. The Wicked Widow (1992)
    121. To Scotland and Love (1993)
    122. Love at the Ritz (1993)
    123. Bride to the King (1979)
    123. The Dangerous Marriage (1993)
    124. Good or Bad? (1993)
    125. This Is Love (1993)
    126. Running Away to Love (1994)
    127. Look With the Heart (1994)
    128. Safe in Paradise (1990)
    129. The Duke Finds Love (1994)
    130. The Wonderful Dream (1994)
    131. A Royal Rebuke (1994)
    132. The Dare-Devil Duke (1994)
    133. Never Lose Love (1994)
    134. The Spirit of Love (1994)
    135. The Eyes of Love (1994)
    136. Saved by a Saint (1994)
    137. The Incomparable (1995)
    138. The Innocent Imposter (1995)
    140. A Magical Moment (1995)
    141. The Patient Bridegroom (1995)
    142. The Protection of Love (1995)
    143. Running from Russia (1995)
    144. Someone to Love (1995)
    145. Beyond the Stars (1995)
    146. Love in the Ruins (1995)
    148. An Icicle in India (1995)
    149. Fascination in France (1996)
    150. Three Days to Love (1996)
    159. Kneel for Mercy (1982)
    160. Wish for Love (1983)
    161. Mission to Monte Carlo (1982)
    162. Caught by Love (1982)
    180. Diona and Dalmatian (1983)
    181. Fire in the Blood (1983)
    Theresa and a TigerA Very Unusual WifeAlone and AfraidTemptation of a Teacher
    A Victory for LoveNever Forget LoveHelga in HidingSafe at Last
    Crowned With LoveThe Secret of the MosqueA Dream in SpainLove Under Fire
    Love Casts Out FearLove ForbiddenForced to MarryBewildered in Berlin
    The Love PuzzleSapphires in SiamThe Caretaker of LoveSecrets of the Heart
    Lovers in LisbonLittle Tongues of FireThe Perfume of the GodsThe Passionate Princess
    The Haunted HeartThe Marquis WinsThe Taming of a TigressParadise in Penang
    The Wings of EcstasyToo Precious to LoseHidingA Miracle in Mexico
    Warned by a GhostTwo Hearts in HungaryA Theatre of LoveMagic from the Heart
    The Windmill of LoveLove and WarA Coronation of LoveA Nightingale Sang
    Hidden by LoveThe Cave of LoveThe Peaks of EcstasyLucky Logan Finds Love
    The Queen of HeartsLove at the RitzBride to the KingThis Is Love
    Look With the HeartA Royal RebukeThe Dare-Devil DukeThe Spirit of Love
    The Eyes of LoveSaved by a SaintThe IncomparableThe Innocent Imposter
    Someone to LoveLove in the RuinsFascination in FranceKneel for Mercy
    Wish for Love

    Jigsaw (1925)
    Sawdust (1926)
    If the Tree Is Saved (1929)
    For What? (1930)
    Sweet Punishment (1931)
    Virgin in Mayfair (1932)
    Just Off Piccadilly (1933)
    Not Love Alone (1933)
    A Beggar Wished (1934)
    First Class, Lady? (1935)
    Passionate Attainment (1935)
    Touch the Stars (1935)
    Forgotten City (1936)
    Desperate Defiance (1936)
    Dangerous Experiment (1936)
    But Never Free (1937)
    Saga At Forty (1937)
    Bitter Winds of Love (1938)
    Broken Barriers (1938)
    The Black Panther (1939)
    The Gods Forget (1939)
    Stolen Halo (1940)
    Now Rough, Now Smooth (1941)
    Open Wings (1942)
    Leaping Flame (1942)
    Sleeping Swords (1942)
    The Isthmus Years (1943)
    After the Night (1944)
    The Dark Stream (1944)
    Escape from Passion (1945)
    Yet She Follows (1945)
    Armour Against Love (1945)
    Out of Reach (1945)
    Hidden Heart (1946)
    Against the Stream (1946)
    If We Will (1947)
    The Dream Within (1947)
    Again This Rapture (1947)
    No Heart is Free (1948)
    Duel of Hearts (1949)
    Enchanted Moment (1949)
    A Hazard of Hearts (1949)
    The Little Pretender (1950)
    The Knave of Hearts (1950)
    Ghost in Monte Carlo (1951)
    Love is an Eagle (1951)
    Love is the Enemy (1952)
    Passionate Pilgrim (1952)
    Love is Mine (1952)
    Cupid Rides Pillion (1952)
    Elizabethan Lover (1953)
    Love Me for Ever (1953)
    Desire of the Heart (1954)
    The Enchanted Waltz (1955)
    The Kiss of the Devil (1955)
    Bewitching women (1955)
    The Captive Heart (1956)
    Polly: My Wonderful Mother (1956)
    The Coin of Love (1956)
    Sweet Adventure (1957)
    Lights of Love (1958)
    Look Lovely, Be Lovely (1958)
    The Golden Gondola (1958)
    Love in Hiding (1959)
    The Smuggled Heart (1959)
    aka Debt of Honor
    Husbands and wives (1961)
    Josephine, Empress of France (1961)
    Messenger of Love (1961)
    Wings of Love (1962)
    The many facets of love (1963)
    Hidden Evil (1963)
    Metternich: The Passionate Diplomat (1964)
    The Unpredictable Bride (1964)
    The Fire of Love (1964)
    Love Holds the Cards (1965)
    I Search for Rainbows (1967)
    The Runaway Heart (1967)
    Love to the Rescue (1967)
    Private Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Austria (1967)
    The Enchanting Evil (1968)
    Love is Contraband (1968)
    Youth Secret (1968)
    Love Is Dangerous (1969)
    Love On the Run (1969)
    The Unknown Heart (1969)
    A Virgin in Paris (1969)
    Blue Heather (1969)
    Wings on My Heart (1969)
    The Secret Fear (1970)
    The Reluctant Bride (1970)
    The Pretty-Horse-Breakers (1971)
    Stars in My Heart (1971)
    Where is love? (1971)
    Kiss of Paris (1971)
    Danger by the Nile (1971)
    Towards the Stars (1971)
    Love and Marriage (1971)
    Theft of a heart (1972)
    Audacious Adventuress (1972)
    Lost Enchantment (1972)
    Complacent Wife (1972)
    Irresistible Buck (1972)
    Lines on Life and Love (1972)
    Daring Deception (1973)
    Little Adventure (1973)
    Shadow of Sin (1973)
    Wicked Marquis (1973)
    Love, Life and Sex (1973)
    The Cruel Count (1973)
    Bored Bridegroom (1974)
    Castle of Fear (1974)
    The Dangerous Dandy (1974)
    Halo for the Devil (1974)
    Journey to Paradise (1974)
    Lessons in Love (1974)
    No Darkness for Love (1974)
    Penniless Peer (1974)
    Private Life of Charles II (1974)
    Ruthless Rake (1974)
    Scandalous Life of King Carol (1974)
    Odious Duke (1974)
    Magnificent Marriage (1974)
    Karma of Love (1974)
    As Eagles Fly (1975)
    Bewitched (1975)
    Devil in Love (1975)
    Flame is Love (1975)
    Frightened Bride (1975)
    The Glittering Lights (1975)
    Kiss for the King (1975)
    Love is Innocent (1975)
    Mask of Love (1975)
    Say Yes, Samantha (1975)
    Sword to the Heart (1975)
    Tears of Love (1975)
    Very Naughty Angel (1975)
    Impetuous Duchess (1975)
    Arrow of Love (1975)
    Heart is Broken (1975)
    Frame of Dreams (1975)
    Call of the Heart (1975)
    Fire on the Snow (1975)
    Gamble with Hearts (1975)
    Angel in Hell (1976)
    Diane De Poitiers (1976)
    A Dream from the Night (1976)
    Fragrant Flower (1976)
    Golden Illusion (1976)
    Heart Triumphant (1976)
    Hungry for Love (1976)
    Husband Hunters (1976)
    The Incredible Honeymoon (1976)
    Love and Linda (1976)
    Moon Over Eden (1976)
    Never Laugh at Love (1976)
    Passions in the Sand (1976)
    Rainbow to Heaven (1976)
    The Wild Cry of Love (1976)
    No Time for Love (1976)
    Secret of the Glen (1976)
    Disgraceful Duke (1976)
    Blue Eyed Witch (1976)
    Elusive Earl (1976)
    Proud Princess (1976)
    Slaves of Love (1976)
    The Adventurer (1977)
    Conquered by Love (1977)
    Curse of the Clan (1977)
    Dance on My Heart (1977)
    Dream and the Glory (1977)
    Kiss the Moonlight (1977)
    Look, Listen and Love (1977)
    Love and the Loathsome Leopard (1977)
    Love at Forty (1977)
    Love Locked in (1977)
    The Love Pirate (1977)
    Punishment of a Vixen (1977)
    Sign of Love (1977)
    This Time it's Love (1977)
    Vote for Love (1977)
    Wild, Unwilling Wife (1977)
    Love is Pity (1977)
    Taming of Lady Lorinda (1977)
    Magic of Love (1977)
    Touch of Love (1977)
    Mysterious Maid-servant (1977)
    Hundredth Chance (1977)
    The Naked Battle (1977)
    The Castle Made for Love (1977)
    Outrageous Lady (1977)
    The Dragon and the Pearl (1977)
    Duel with Destiny (1977)
    Hell-cat and the King (1977)
    Marquis Who Hated Women (1977)
    No Escape from Love (1977)
    Rhapsody of Love (1977)
    The Chieftain Without a Heart (1978)
    Greatheart (1978)
    Irresistible Force (1978)
    The Judgement of Love (1978)
    Lord Ravenscar's Revenge (1978)
    Love, Lords, and Lady-Birds (1978)
    Passion and the Flower (1978)
    Runaway Star (1978)
    The Temptation of Torilla (1978)
    Twists and Turns of Love (1978)
    A Fugitive from Love (1978)
    Princess in Distress (1978)
    The Saint and the Sinner (1978)
    Love Leaves at Midnight (1978)
    The Problems of Love (1978)
    Magic or Mirage (1978)
    Lovers in Paradise (1978)
    Race for Love (1978)
    Flowers for the God of Love (1978)
    Alone in Paris (1978)
    The Ghost Who Fell in Love (1978)
    Duchess Disappeared (1979)
    Imperial Splendour (1979)
    Love in the Clouds (1979)
    Prince and the Pekingese (1979)
    Terror in the Sun (1979)
    Way of an Eagle (1979)
    Drums of Love (1979)
    Duke and the Preacher's Daughter (1979)
    Treasure is Love (1979)
    Serpent of Satan (1979)
    His Hour (1979)
    Light of the Moon (1979)
    Love Climbs in (1979)
    Bars of Iron (1979)
    Man and Maid (1979)
    Vicissitudes of Evangeline (1979)
    Who Can Deny Love? (1979)
    Knave of Diamonds (1979)
    Love in the Dark (1979)
    Prisoner of Love (1979)
    Safety Match (1979)
    The Dawn of Love (1979)
    Gentleman in Love (1979)
    Women Have Hearts (1979)
    The Explosion of Love (1979)
    Love Has His Way (1979)
    Only Love (1979)
    Broad Highway (1980)
    The price is love (1980)
    Punished with Love (1980)
    A Song of Love (1980)
    Free from Fear (1980)
    The Power and the Prince (1980)
    Heart is Stolen (1980)
    Six Days (1980)
    Sons of the Sheik (1980)
    Little White Doves of Love (1980)
    Great Moment (1980)
    Love for Sale (1980)
    Rainbow in the Spray (1980)
    Lost Laughter (1980)
    Only a Girl's Love (1980)
    The Perfection of Love (1980)
    The Sequence (1980)
    Charles Rex (1980)
    Goddess and the Gaiety Girl (1980)
    The Prude and the Prodigal (1980)
    My Brother Ronald (1980)
    Ola and the Sea Wolf (1980)
    Signpost to Love (1980)
    Lucifer and the Angel (1980)
    Love in the Moon (1980)
    Money, Magic and Marriage (1980)
    Ashes of Desire (1980)
    From Hell to Heaven (1980)
    The Horizons of Love (1980)
    Price of Things (1980)
    The Waltz of Hearts (1980)
    A Kiss of Silk (1980)
    Love at the Helm (1980)
    Pride and the Poor Princess (1980)
    An Innocent in Russia (1981)
    Love Wins (1981)
    Tetherstones (1981)
    Dreams Do Come True (1981)
    A Night of Gaiety (1981)
    Afraid (1981)
    The Heart of the Clan (1981)
    Kiss of Life (1981)
    Lioness and the Lily (1981)
    Dollars for the Duke (1981)
    Gift of the Gods (1981)
    River of Love (1981)
    In the Arms of Love (1981)
    Portrait of Love (1981)
    Winged Magic (1981)
    For All Eternity (1981)
    Pure and Untouched (1981)
    A Shaft of Sunlight (1981)
    Touch a Star (1981)
    Lion Tamer (1981)
    King in Love (1982)
    Miracle in Music (1982)
    Music from the Heart (1982)
    Written with Love (1982)
    Poor Governess (1982)
    Lies for Love (1982)
    Looking for Love (1982)
    Love Rules (1982)
    Lucky in Love (1982)
    Moments of Love (1982)
    Sweet Enchantress (1982)
    Winged Victory (1982)
    The Call of the Highlands (1982)
    Dove to the Rescue (1982)
    Love and the Marquis (1982)
    A Marriage Made in Heaven (1982)
    Riding to the Moon (1982)
    From Hate to Love (1982)
    Light of the Gods (1982)
    Love on the Wind (1982)
    Secret Harbour (1982)
    Vibrations of Love (1982)
    Journey to a Star (1983)
    Love and Lucia (1983)
    A Duke in Danger (1983)
    Gypsy Magic (1983)
    Help from the Heart (1983)
    Tempted to Love (1983)
    Lights, Laughter and a Lady (1983)
    Unbreakable Spell (1983)
    Getting Older, Growing Younger (1984)
    Moonlight on the Sphinx (1984)
    Romance of Food (1984)
    Bride to a Brigand (1984)
    Love Comes West (1984)
    A Rebel Princess (1984)
    Duke Comes Home (1984)
    Island of Love (1984)
    Unwanted Wedding (1984)
    White Lilac (1984)
    A Witch's Spell (1984)
    Revenge of the Heart (1984)
    Secrets (1984)
    The Storms of Love (1984)
    The Scots Never Forget (1984)
    Island Masquerade (1985)
    Count the Stars (1986)
    Year of Royal Days (1988)
    Royal Eccentrics (1989)
    Royal Jewels (1989)
    Royal Lovers (1989)
    A Game of Love (1990)
    Beauty or Brains? (1990)
    Heaven in Hong Kong (1990)
    The Magic of Paris (1991)
    The Queen Saves a King (1991)
    Innocent Mayfair (1991)
    Love Lifts the Curse (1991)
    The Scent of Roses (1991)
    Stand and Deliver Your Heart (1991)
    Seek the Stars (1991)
    The Sleeping Princess (1991)
    Love, Lies and Marriage (1992)
    Love Strikes a Devil (1992)
    Drena and the Duke (1992)
    A Kiss in Rome (1992)
    Walking to Wonderland (1992)
    Love Strikes Satan (1992)
    A Duel of Jewels (1993)
    Love and a Cheetah (1994)
    The Duke's Dilemma (1994)
    Apocalypse of the Heart (1995)
    Three Complete Novels of Dukes and Their Ladies: The Disgraceful Duke / Never Laugh at Love / A Touch of Love (1996)
    Enchanted (1998)
    A Heart of Stone (1998)
    The Loveless Marriage (1998)
    Passage to Love (1998)
    The Lady and the Highwayman (2001)
    Terror from the Throne (2003)
    The Cross of Love (2004)
    Love in the Highlands (2004)
    Love Finds a Way (2004)
    Love Is Triumphant (2005)
    Stars in the Sky (2005)
    Royalty Defeated by Love (2006)
    The White Witch (2006)
    Sweet PunishmentDesperate DefianceThe Black PantherStolen Halo
    Open WingsLeaping FlameSleeping SwordsThe Isthmus Years
    Out of ReachHidden HeartThe Dream WithinAgain This Rapture
    Duel of HeartsEnchanted MomentA Hazard of HeartsThe Little Pretender
    Ghost in Monte CarloLove is an EagleLove is the EnemyLove is Mine
    Cupid Rides PillionElizabethan LoverLove Me for EverDesire of the Heart
    The Enchanted WaltzThe Kiss of the DevilThe Captive HeartThe Coin of Love
    Sweet AdventureLights of LoveThe Golden GondolaLove in Hiding
    The Smuggled HeartJosephine, Empress of FranceMessenger of LoveWings of Love
    Hidden EvilThe Unpredictable BrideThe Fire of LoveLove Holds the Cards
    The Runaway HeartLove is ContrabandLove Is DangerousLove On the Run
    The Unknown HeartBlue HeatherWings on My HeartThe Secret Fear
    The Reluctant BrideThe Pretty-Horse-BreakersStars in My HeartWhere is love?
    Kiss of ParisDanger by the NileTowards the StarsTheft of a heart
    Audacious AdventuressLost EnchantmentComplacent WifeIrresistible Buck
    Daring DeceptionLittle AdventureShadow of SinWicked Marquis
    The Cruel CountBored BridegroomCastle of FearThe Dangerous Dandy
    Halo for the DevilJourney to ParadiseLessons in LoveNo Darkness for Love
    Penniless PeerRuthless RakeOdious DukeMagnificent Marriage
    Karma of LoveAs Eagles FlyBewitchedDevil in Love
    Frightened BrideThe Glittering LightsKiss for the KingLove is Innocent
    Mask of LoveSay Yes, SamanthaSword to the HeartTears of Love
    Very Naughty AngelImpetuous DuchessArrow of LoveHeart is Broken
    Frame of DreamsCall of the HeartFire on the SnowGamble with Hearts
    Angel in HellA Dream from the NightFragrant FlowerHungry for Love
    The Incredible HoneymoonMoon Over EdenNever Laugh at LovePassions in the Sand
    The Wild Cry of LoveNo Time for LoveSecret of the GlenDisgraceful Duke
    Blue Eyed WitchElusive EarlProud PrincessSlaves of Love
    Conquered by LoveDance on My HeartDream and the GloryKiss the Moonlight
    Look, Listen and LoveLove and the Loathsome LeopardLove at FortyLove Locked in
    The Love PiratePunishment of a VixenSign of LoveVote for Love
    Wild, Unwilling WifeMysterious Maid-servantThe Castle Made for LoveOutrageous Lady
    The Dragon and the PearlHell-cat and the KingMarquis Who Hated WomenNo Escape from Love
    Rhapsody of LoveThe Chieftain Without a HeartThe Judgement of LoveLove, Lords, and Lady-Birds
    Passion and the FlowerRunaway StarThe Temptation of TorillaTwists and Turns of Love
    A Fugitive from LovePrincess in DistressThe Saint and the SinnerLove Leaves at Midnight
    The Problems of LoveMagic or MirageLovers in ParadiseRace for Love
    Flowers for the God of LoveAlone in ParisThe Ghost Who Fell in LoveDuchess Disappeared
    Imperial SplendourPrince and the PekingeseDrums of LoveDuke and the Preacher's Daughter
    Treasure is LoveSerpent of SatanLight of the MoonLove Climbs in
    Who Can Deny Love?Prisoner of LoveThe Dawn of LoveGentleman in Love
    Only LovePunished with LoveA Song of LoveThe Power and the Prince
    Little White Doves of LoveLove for SaleLost LaughterGoddess and the Gaiety Girl
    The Prude and the ProdigalOla and the Sea WolfSignpost to LoveLucifer and the Angel
    Love in the MoonThe Horizons of LoveThe Waltz of HeartsA Kiss of Silk
    Love at the HelmAn Innocent in RussiaLove WinsA Night of Gaiety
    AfraidThe Heart of the ClanGift of the GodsRiver of Love
    In the Arms of LovePortrait of LoveWinged MagicFor All Eternity
    Pure and UntouchedA Shaft of SunlightTouch a StarKing in Love
    Poor GovernessLies for LoveLooking for LoveLove Rules
    Moments of LoveSweet EnchantressWinged VictoryRiding to the Moon
    From Hate to LoveLove on the WindSecret HarbourJourney to a Star
    Love and LuciaA Duke in DangerGypsy MagicHelp from the Heart
    Tempted to LoveUnbreakable SpellGetting Older, Growing YoungerMoonlight on the Sphinx
    Romance of FoodA Rebel PrincessIsland of LoveUnwanted Wedding
    White LilacA Witch's SpellRevenge of the HeartThe Scots Never Forget
    Count the StarsRoyal EccentricsRoyal JewelsRoyal Lovers
    Heaven in Hong KongThe Magic of ParisSeek the StarsLove, Lies and Marriage
    Love Strikes a DevilDrena and the DukeA Kiss in RomeThree Complete Novels of Dukes and Their Ladies: The Disgraceful Duke / Never Laugh at Love / A Touch of Love
    The Loveless MarriagePassage to LoveThe Lady and the HighwaymanTerror from the Throne
    The Cross of LoveLove Finds a Way

    The Best of Barbara Cartland (1978)
    Barbara Cartland Boxed Set (1991)
    The Barbara Cartland Collection: Two Hearts in Hungary, Theatre of Love and Too Precious to Lose (1992)
    The Barbara Cartland Collection: Stand and Deliver Your Heart, Magic of Paris and Scent of Roses (1992)
    Barbara Cartland: Five Complete Novels (1993)
    Three Complete Novels: Lights, Laughter and a Lady/Love in the Moon/Bride to the King (1994)
    Three Complete Novels: A Night of Gaiety/a Duke in Danger/Secret Harbor (1994)
    Barbara Cartland: Five Complete Novels of Dukes and Their Ladies : A Fugitive from Love/Lucifer and the Angel/the Wings of Ecstasy/the River of Love (Wings Bestsellers) (1995)
    Barbara Cartland: Three Complete Novels of Marquises and Their Ladies : Ola and the Sea Wolf, Looking for Love, the Call of the Highlands (1995)
    Three Novels of Earls and Their Ladies (1996)
    Three Complete Novels of Royalty and Romance (1996)
    Three Complete Novels of Courtly Love (1996)
    Five Complete Novels of Love and Luxury (1997)
    A Fugitive from Love / Lucifer and the Angel / The Wings of Ecstasy (1998)
    Moon over Eden / No Time for Love / The Incredible Honeymoon (1998)
    Magic from the Heart / A Theatre of Love / Too Precious to Lose (1999)
    The Best of Barbara CartlandBarbara Cartland: Five Complete NovelsThree Complete Novels: Lights, Laughter and a Lady/Love in the Moon/Bride to the KingThree Complete Novels: A Night of Gaiety/a Duke in Danger/Secret Harbor
    Barbara Cartland: Three Complete Novels of Marquises and Their Ladies : Ola and the Sea Wolf, Looking for Love, the Call of the HighlandsThree Novels of Earls and Their LadiesThree Complete Novels of Royalty and RomanceThree Complete Novels of Courtly Love
    Five Complete Novels of Love and LuxuryA Fugitive from Love / Lucifer and the Angel / The Wings of EcstasyMoon over Eden / No Time for Love / The Incredible Honeymoon

    Magic of Honey Cook Book (1970)

    Picture Books
    Princess to the Rescue (1984)
    Princess to the Rescue

    Non fiction
    The Years of Opportunity: 1939-1945 (1948)
    Vitamins for Vitality: Health Handbooks (1959)
    Sex and the Teenager (1964)
    Woman: the Enigma (1965)
    The Pan Book of Charm (1965)
    We Danced All Night (1971)
    Health Food Cookery Book (1971)
    Book of Beauty and Health (1972)
    Book of Etiquette (1972)
    Fascinating Forties (1973)
    Outrageous Queen: Biography of Christina of Sweden (1974)
    Food for Love (1975)
    Recipes for Lovers (1977)
    Book of Useless Information (1977)
    I Seek the Miraculous (1978)
    Barbara Cartland's Book of Love and Lovers (1978)
    Light of Love: A Thought for Every Day (1979)
    Scrapbook (1980)
    Romantic Royal Marriages (1981)
    Keep Young and Beautiful (1982) (with Elinor Glyn)
    Book of Celebrities (1982)
    Barbara Cartland's Etiquette for Love and Romance (1984)
    Book of Health (1985)
    Etiquette for Love and Romance (1985)
    I Reach for the Stars: An Autobiography (1995)
    Barbara Cartland's Guide To Romance Writing (2000)
    Barbara Cartland On Romance Writing: Secrets from the World's All-time Bestselling Romance Writer (2002)
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    Mọt sách

    The Dragon and the Pearl
    by Barbara Cartland

    Date: Aug-1977
    Publisher: Bantam
    Genre: HR Sub-Genre:


    Stanton Ware pondered the person who would be chosen as his companion on this dangerous mission to Peking. Undoubtedly it would be a man who was used to spy out the secrets of rivals. Certainly he would be a brave and patriotic companion.

    The door opened. Stanton almost betrayed him-self by uttering an exclamation.

    For, it was not a man who had entered the room, but undoubtedly the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life!

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    Mọt sách

    Cupid Rides Pillion
    A novel by
    Barbara Cartland


    Beauty on Trial

    Rivaled only by the King’s mistress, Lady Panthea Vyne was the most widely adored young beauty at the sumptuous Court of Charles II. But she could only think of the mysterious Cavalier who had once saved her from a harrowing life of misery and shame – and now she learned he was under a sentence of death.

    Just as she despaired of ever clearing his name, she felt the full fury of the King’s mistress. With all evidence pointing to her, she, Panthea, was being charged with murder! And the only way to clear herself was to betray the man she loved…

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    Học sinh

    A Hazard of Hearts - Barbara Cartland

    Mình được bạn polaris.tqh gửi cho truyện A hazard of hearts, sẵn thích truyện này và cũng thấy có nhiều bạn khác cùng thích nên mình đã convert sang .prc và up lên đây cho mọi người cùng đọc

    Quên mất, giới thiệu lại truyện cái nhỉ:

    A Hazard of Hearts
    A novel by

    Barbara Cartland


    Serena was happy at Staverley. She loved to roam the stately gardens of her family manor and dream of her future love. But then a cruel fate dealt her shattering blow. Her father was killed in a duel after losing her hand, her inheritance and her home in a game of cards. All this was now the property of the infamous Marquis of Vulcan-- a man whose reputation made it unwise for any decent woman to be seen in his company. A strange, cold man whose clifftop mansion echoed with terrible secrets. Serena could run, or she could bow to the will of the brooding stranger who held her father debt. Either way it meant dishonor-- and the end of her dreams.

    Serena and Justin - two strangers brought together by a game of chance



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    Mọt sách

    Tớ có 5 tác phẩm của Babara Cartland, đều bằng tiếng anh, post lên chia sẻ với bà con.

    p/s: Tớ post cả bản pdf/word để bạn nào có hứng thú thì dịch cho làng ta cùng thưởng thức với (hối lộ và gạ gẫm tí)

    Nice weekend cả nhà!

    A Very Unusual Wife (Camfield #19)
    Kiss The Moonlight

    The magnificent marrige
    The Heart Triumphant
    The Judgement of Love

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