Phật Giáo Bring Me the Rhinoceros: and other Zen Koans that will save your life - John Tarrant

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    Bring Me the Rhinoceros is an unusual guide to happiness and a can opener for your thinking. For fifteen hundred years, Zen koans have been passed down through generations of masters, usually in private encounters between teacher and student. This book deftly retells more than a dozen traditional koans, which are partly paradoxical questions dangerous to your beliefs and partly treasure boxes of ancient wisdom. Koans show that you don’t have to impress people or change into an improved, more polished version of yourself. Instead you can find happiness by unbuilding, unmaking, throwing overboard, and generally subverting unhappiness. John Tarrant brings the heart of the koan tradition out into the open, reminding us that the old wisdom remains as vital as ever, a deep resource available to anyone in any place or time.


    Introduction: An Impossible Question Means a Journey

    1 Bodhidharma’s Vast Emptiness

    Forgetting Who You Are and Making Use of Nothing

    2 Zhaozhou’s Dog

    The Secret of Changing Your Heart

    3 Rhinoceros

    Meeting the Inconceivable

    4 Ordinary Mind Is the Way

    The Heaven That’s Already Here

    5 A Condolence Call

    Pursuing Death into Life

    6 The Red Thread

    Connections That Desire Makes

    7 Counting the Stars

    A Boring Koan

    8 Out of Nowhere, the Mind Comes Forth

    Light Playing on Children’s Faces

    9 Tortoise Mountain Wakes Up


    10 The Great Way Is Not Difficult

    Life With and Without Your Cherished Beliefs

    11 The Cypress Tree in the Garden

    The Trouble with Ancestors

    12 The Bodhisattva’s Great Mercy

    A Secret Kindness Working in the Dark

    13 The Woman at the Inn

    Are You Afraid of this Happiness?

    14 There’s Nothing I Dislike

    On Avoiding Bad Art

    15 The Master Song Man: An Australian Koan

    Finding Your Song

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