Camille (Trà hoa nữ) - Alexandre Dumas Fils(con)

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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] Camille (Trà hoa nữ) by Alexandre Dumas Fils(con)
    Camille (Trà hoa nữ)

    Alexandre Dumas Fils


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    [TD="class: alt2, bgcolor: #F4F2ED"]Camille is one of those classic stories that I had heard about but never read or seen any versions of the movie. So it was about time I finally got to it. Once again there is proof that a well written tale will stand over time.
    The narrator relates the love life of Armand Duval, a young, not rich, Frenchman, and Marguerite Gautier, the young, beautiful French courtesan. She has plied her trade for a number of years, yet to Duval is still fresh and lovely. When Duval reveals his love to her, she tries to dissuade him because of the type of woman she has been. Yet she also loves him in a deep way that no courtesan usually gives to her lover.
    The book opens with her funeral. This story can have no happy ending because the narrator tells us she was young when she died. The narrator purchases one of her books that Duval wants to reclaim as his own. Duval tells their story of love and tragedy.
    It is a classic. The story is compelling. Marguerite and Duval are the perennial star crossed lovers who do have some time together. Their story is one not easily forgotten.[/TD]

    "Trà hoa nữ" là câu chuyện của một người phụ nữ tuyệt đẹp, một mối tình đẹp, một chàng trai với trái tim đẹp, những không gian đẹp, đồ vật đẹp, và cả một ngôi mộ đẹp đẽ được phủ đầy hoa trà trắng...

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