Child 44 - Tom Rob Smith

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    Child 44
    (The first book in the Leo Demidov series)

    Tom Rob Smith

    MGB officer Leo is a man who never questions the Party Line. He arrests whomever he is told to arrest. He dismisses the horrific death of a young boy because he is told to, because he believes the Party stance that there can be no murder in Communist Russia. Leo is the perfect soldier of the regime. But suddenly his confidence that everything he does serves a great good is shaken. He is forced to watch a man he knows to be innocent be brutally tortured. And then he is told to arrest his own wife. Leo understands how the State works: Trust and check, but check particularly on those we trust. He faces a stark choice: his wife or his life. And still the killings of children continue...


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    Link này die rồi :( có bạn nào có bản PDF cho mình với :D
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    Đã cập nhật nhé bạn! Định dạng mobi.
    bibliphilio thích bài này.

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