Fairy-Myth Chinese Fairy Tales: Forty stories told by almond-eye folk (illustrated) - Adele Marion Fielde

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    The e-book “Chinese fairy tales: Forty stories told by almond-eyed folk” (Illustrated) is a fabulous compilation of the Chinese fairy and folk tales, collected and narrated by Adele Marion Fielde (1839-1916), who is also famous for “A Corner of Cathay,” “Dictionary of the Swatow Dialect,” “Pagoda Shadows”.

    The e-book contains:

    (1) 25 original black-and-white illustrations by Chinese artists, which were carefully restored by a publisher. This edition is modified especially for the e-book format.

    (2) 41 Chinese fairy tales, such as: The strayed arrow, The five queer brothers, The three talismans, The origin of ants, The mistake of the apes, The moon-cake, The fool of the family, A fool who tried to be like his brother-in-law, A dreadful boar, The two melons, The blind boy’s fall, The fairy serpent, What the birds said, The man in a shell, The young head of the family, Prospect and retrospect, A foreordained match, Marrying a simpleton, Baling with a sieve, The widow and the sagacious magistrate, A lawyer as a debtor, The singing prisoner, Self-convicted, The ladle that fell from the moon, A wife’s vengeance, Stolen garlic, Two frugal men, The most frugal of men, Misapplied wit, Similar diseases, A dream inspired, A fortuitous application, Jean Valjean in Cathay, A polite idiosyncrasy, Verified predictions, The three sworn brothers, The peasant-girl’s prisoner, Crabs in plenty, False economy, The thriftless wife, A wife with two husbands.

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