Detective Codename Villanelle (Killing Eve) - Luke Jennings

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    Codename Villanelle (Killing Eve) by Luke Jennings

    In an isolated remand centre in the Ural Mountains, Oxana Vorontsova awaits trial for murder. One man with his throat slashed to the bone, two shot in the face. Not quite the behaviour you’d expect of a star linguistics student at one of Russia’s top universities. But as a string of unnerving incidents attests, the signs were always there.

    Half a world away, Oxana’s potential has been noted. Recruited as an assassin on behalf of a secretive global power-elite, she is reborn as the beautiful, lethal Villanelle. The rewards of her new life are spectacular, but the risks are deadly. And when she’s tasked with the elimination of a senior Mafia boss, it’s clear that the job is going to have to be carried out at close quarters…

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