Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice, 2nd Edition

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    Corporate Finance: Theory and Practice covers the theory and practice of Corporate Finance from a truly European perspective. It shows how to use financial theory to solve practical problems and is written for students of corporate finance and financial analysis and practising corporate financiers. Corporate Finance is split into four sections and covers the basics of financial analysis; the basic theoretical knowledge that you will need to value a firm; the major types of financial securities: equity, debt & options and finally financial management which shows you how to organise a company’s equity capital, buying and selling companies, M&A, bankruptcy and cash flow management.
    "Impressive book for finance professionals – Probably the best recently published Corporate Finance book with a truly European emphasis. The balance between theory and practice makes this book an excellent tool for Investment Bankers and other finance professionals, as it covers both basic as well as more sophisticated topics. Particularly impressive is their commitment to continuously updating material, as well as the regular publication of a newsletter containing timely articles on various current finance topics. The possibility of asking questions to the authors and effectively receiving in–depth answers for free is a very valuable feature. I sincerely recommend this text." 31 October 2005
    An excellent book for all business students –
    For a few months already, the website had been helping me for my finance class, as well as the monthly newsletter. I finally bought the book, and I have not been disappointed: the style is clear, very practical ; theories are mixed with real cases, which makes them easy to understand. Valuation techniques are well explained (discounted cash flow methods, methods based on ratios). Fundamental concepts (accounting, finance, financial markets) are recalled in the first part; when more complex concepts are tackled (investment analysis, LBOs, capital structure...), they are explained with lots of simplicity and conciseness.
    I recommend this book for every student in Management or Finance!" 30 July 2005

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