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    Create With Transfer Artist Paper

    Use TAP to Transfer Any Image onto Fabric, Paper, Wood, Glass, Metal, Clay & More!
    Tác giả: Lesley Riley

    • Learn everything you need to know about how to use Transfer Art Paper - also called TAP - for quiltmaking, fiber arts, mixed-media, and papercraft projects
    • 15 different projects, including treasure boxes, collages, dolls, quilts, and jewelry
    • Unlock your inner artist with Lesley's romantic ideas and accessible techniques
    • Photo transfer projects are fun for you and your family

    Lesley is one of the inventors of TAP and is an unparalleled expert on how to use it for maximum creative effect. She'll teach you how to create unique fabric images from photographs that stay vibrant and colorfast, even after washing. You can use her photo transfer methods to quickly create your own masterpieces, using just your inkjet printer and basic art supplies.

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