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    Creative Wire Jewelry
    Tác giả: Kathy Peterson

    Colored and metallic wire jewelry, combined with beads, glass, crystals, and semiprecious stones, is one of today’s hottest fashion trends. And the great news for crafters is that this stunning jewelry can be made by almost anyone using inexpensive, easy-to-find materials and tools.

    Creative Wire Jewelry is packed with scores of creative tips, tricks, and techniques for working with wire. First, wire enthusiasts learn how to make basic jewelry components (hooks and eyes, jump rings) . . . combine various colors and gauges of wire . . . create wire beads . . . use a wire jig . . . and wrap mesh, glass, and beads with wire. Then, 25 unique, step-by-step projects show readers how easy it is to create wonderful wire bracelets, watchbands, necklace chains, chokers, pendants, earrings, hair accessories, and much more! Plus, these fabulous designs satisfy a range of tastes and styles, from sweet to sophisticated. For anyone who wants to create beautiful jewelry of their own, Creative Wire Jewelry is the ultimate one-stop source.

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