Dear Hannah: A Geek's Life in Self-Improvement - Philip Dhingra

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    Before Philip wrote his first line of code, he tried to re-program his mind. For his 14th birthday, Hannah gave him Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People, which kicked off a life-long obsession with self-improvement. Follow Philip over 82 letters as he re-tells his journey from winning ThinkQuest, to quitting—and returning to—Stanford, to dealing with dating, happiness, and direction, to eventually making it as an indie iOS app developer. Dear Hannah is either a cautionary tale about self-improvement, or it is a filter for the 10% of self-help that may actually change your life.

    “Philip Dhingra’s letters to Hannah are a powerful exploration into the depths of self-help, personal-improvement, and life-transformation. Each letter to Hannah intimately unfolds a nugget of timeless wisdom & Philip’s practical application of each teaching translates easily to our own lives in the real world. With insight and vulnerability, Philip takes us to the core of his personal evolution and—letter-by-letter—we evolve with him.”
    —davidji, author of SECRETS OF MEDITATION

    “Philip Dhingra’s words point for you to look within your own heart for peace. Drawn from his own journey, there’s no need to look outside ... all you need to know is within you. This book invites you to see for yourself the way to peace.”

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