Disobeying Hitler: German Resistance in the last year of WWII - Randall Hansen

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    In the last months of the war, Hitler ordered the poisoning, blocking, and wrecking of all ports across Europe; the destruction of all industries, railroads, bridges, utilities supplies, archives and museums in Europe; and the destruction of the most beautiful city in the world: Paris. Thanks to the determination and bravery of a few, including those who paid with their lives, Hitler's orders were often disobeyed. The result was a profound and lasting effect on the war and its aftermath.
    In this fascinating and gripping book, Randall Hansen explores the extraordinary phenomenon of disobedience and its consequences:
    Would Rommel have opened the Western Front to the Allies on July 20, 1944 had he not been shot up a few days earlier?
    Did Albert Speer single-handedly prevent the destruction of bridges, factories, towns,and all features of civilized life?


    1. War, Atrocities, Resistance
    2. The Coup against Hitler
    3. From Failing Hands: The Coup in Paris
    4. Paris, July 20, 1944: The SS Locked Down
    5. The Resistance’s Last Hope: Rommel against Hitler
    6. Hitler’s Revenge
    7. Did a Prussian Save Paris?
    8. To Destroy the City of Light
    9. Paris in Revolt
    10. Paris Liberated, Paris Spared
    11. Normandy South: The Invasion of Southern France
    12. Forts and Fortresses: Toulon
    13. Europe’s Lifeline: Marseille
    14. Violence Comes Home: Preparing the Defence of the Reich
    15. To Destroy Germany: Hitler and Scorched Earth
    16. Fighting to the Last Man: The Allies at the Rhine
    17. Hitler Rages
    18. The Siege of Düsseldorf
    19. Dying So That They May Live: Central Germany
    20. Nuremberg’s Destruction, Heidelberg’s Salvation: Southern Germany
    21. A Citizens’ Revolt: Augsburg
    22. “We, the women of Freiburg, beg you”: The French Occupation of Southern Germany
    23. A House of Cards: The Soviet Assault on the Reich
    24. Saving Caspar David Friedrich’s City
    25. Finishing the Job That Bomber Harris Started: Hamburg
    26. Escaping the Soviet Net: Walther Wenck and the Flight across the Elbe

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