Evolution in Health and Diease (2007, Oxford University Press)

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    Evolution in Health and Disease describes how evolutionary thinking gives valuable insights and fresh perspectives into human health and disease, establishing evolutionary biology as an essential complementary science for medicine. Integrating evolutionary thought into medical research and practice helps to explain the origins of many medical conditions, including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies, other autoimmune diseases, and aging. It also provides life-saving insights into the evolutionary responses of pathogens to antibiotics, vaccinations, and other human interventions. Why do we grow old? How can we stay healthy as we age? The book discusses these and many other fascinating questions, as well as suggesting exciting possibilities for future treatment and research.

    This research level text is suitable for graduate level students and researchers in the fields of evolutionary (Darwinian) medicine, evolutionary biology, anthropology, developmental biology and genetics. It will also be of relevance and use to medical researchers and doctors.
    Describes how evolutionary thinking gives insight into human health and disease, establishing evolutionary biology as an essential basic science for medicine
    Includes contributions from the leading researchers in the field, who describe the latest research in evolutionary medicine
    Suggests exciting possibilities for future treatment and research
    Explains why we grow old, and how to stay healthy as we age
    "In contrast with much of the writing on evolution in the medical literature over the past century, the contributions to this book almost always apply evolutionary perspectives accurately and consistently. This volume will therefore serve as a valuable reference in academia and medicine as well as for committed readers outside of these arenas."--The Quarterly Review of Biology

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    368 pages; 57 b&w line, 1 halftone; 7-1/5 x 9-3/4;
    ISBN13: 978-0-19-920746-6
    ISBN10: 0-19-920746-1
    About the Author(s)
    Professor Stearns specializes in life history evolution, which links the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology, in evolutionary medicine, and in evolutionary functional genomics. He came to Yale in 2000 from the University of Basel, Switzerland, where he had been professor of zoology since 1983 and held several administrative posts. Prior to moving to Basel he was an assistant professor in the Biology Department at Reed College in Oregon. Born in Hawaii and a 1967 graduate of Yale College, Stearns earned a M.S. from the University of Wisconsin and a Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia.

    Professor Koella's interests lie in the coevolution of parasites and hosts. He specializes in the evolutionary epidemiology of malaria and in the application of evolutionary ideas to the control of malaria. After obtaining a Masters' in mechanical engineering at the ETH Zurich and a PhD in evolutionary biology at the University of Basel he worked for several years at the Swiss Tropical Institute Basel as a malaria epidemiologist before moving on to positions in Switzerland, Denmark and France. He arrived at Imperial College in 2005 as a Chair in Epidemiology.

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