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    Many nurseries and pre-school classes in Paraguay offer English as part of their curriculum.
    However, there is a lack of teachers who have the skill to teach it. FEISA Teacher Training
    College, Asunción, aims to provide its trainee teachers with the necessary training in order to
    improve the provision of English to this age group in Paraguay.

    This document has been written with these trainee teachers in mind. However, other teachers
    who have been asked to teach English to pre-school children may also be unsure how to start. I
    hope it will prove useful to everyone who comes looking for help.

    It is the fruit of three years teaching English to Spanish children (aged 3-6) in a state primary
    school in Salamanca, alongside research I have since done on teaching languages to young
    children. As such, it is by no means exhaustive or perfect! I do not claim to be an expert in this
    field and am very open to all suggestions and constructive criticism. Please take the information
    contained here and add to it, change it in any way you decide is necessary. I would ask that, in
    order to help fellow teachers, you would let me know how it works for you; what you like, what
    you don’t like, what changes you make.

    Although this document is designed primarily for teachers of 5-year-olds, it can easily be
    adapted for younger children; most of the songs and games are also suitable for children as
    young as 3.

    The curriculum set out in later pages is designed from a Christian perspective, because FEISA is a
    Christian teacher training college and all children in Paraguayan schools are required to be
    taught about God.

    I acknowledge my indebtedness to Frances Smith, with whom I worked in Salamanca, and from
    whom many of the ideas for games came. I would like to thank Samantha Parsons, who
    encouraged me to write this guide, and Ana María Demestri, who caught the vision to take it to
    schools in Paraguay. I would also like to thank Leonardo Fernández, who designed the front

    To God be the glory.

    Fiona Cooper
    Asunción, July 2007

    [email protected]

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