Global Business Today 5th Edition 2008 - Charles W.L. Hill

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    Global Business Today 5th Edition 2008

    by Charles W.L. Hill

    Global Business Today is intended for the first international business course at either the undergraduate or MBA level. My goal in writing this book has been to set a new standard for international business textbooks. I have attempted to write a book that

    1. Is comprehensive and up-to-date.
    2. Goes beyond an uncritical presentation and shallow explanation of the body of knowledge.
    3. Maintains a tight, integrated flow between chapters.
    4. Focuses on managerial implications.
    5. Makes important theories accessible and interesting to students.
    6. Incorporates ancillary resources that enliven the text and make it easier to teach.

    Over the years, and through now five editions, I have worked hard to adhere to these goals. It has not always been easy. An enormous amount has happened over the last decade, both in the real world of economics, politics, and business, and in the academic world of theory and empirical research. Often I have had to significantly rewrite chapters, scrap old examples, bring in new ones, incorporate new theory and evidence into the book, and phase out older theories that are increasingly less relevant to the modern and dynamic world of international business. That process continues in the current edition. As noted below, there have been significant changes in this edition, and that will no doubt continue to be the case in the future. In deciding what changes to make, I have been guided not only by my own reading, teaching, and research, but also by the invaluable feedback I receive from professors and students around the world who use the book, from reviewers, and from the editorial staff at McGraw-Hill/Irwin. My thanks go out to all of them.

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