Harlequin Historical Romance (6/1011)

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    Ann Lethbridge - More Than A Mistress

    Charles Mountford, Marquis of Tonbridge, has long felt the weight of responsibility. He knows he must do his duty and take a wife. But when he's left snowbound with the unconventional Miss Honor Meredith Draycott, he finds that his inner rogue wants to come out to play....

    Merry doesn't need a man no matter how handsome he is! Sadly, society takes a different view. Charlie is more than happy to make her socially acceptable, but only if she acts publicly as his betrothed and privately as his mistress!

    Carolyn Davidson - Saving Grace

    If ever Grace Benson needs a man to ride to her rescue, now is the time and Kansas preacher Simon Grafton is the man! When he encounters her on the roadside being brutally attacked by her uncle's farmhand, Simon doesn't flinch. He'll risk anything to defend this innocent from the madman who's still at large.

    As Simon helps her heal and gain a new foothold in life, it becomes clear that his heart is what needs defending. Soon his only course of action is to make her his bride....

    Dorothy Elbury - The Rake's Final Conquest

    Marcus Wolfe, Viscount Helstone, has more than earned the name of Hellcat Helstone, due to his wild, rakish ways. No woman can hold him until he meets outspoken governess Sophie Flint, who both antagonizes and attracts him in equal measure!

    Sophie's refusal to become his mistress has Marcus in a spin and even more determined to make her his. Has the devilish viscount finally been tamed by the forthright Miss Flint?

    Isabelle Goddard - The Earl Plays With Fire

    The young Richard Veryan had been heartbroken and bitter after unrivaled beauty and childhood friend Christabel Tallis jilted him three weeks before their wedding.

    Six years later, and toughened by adventure overseas, Richard, now a lord, is very much his own man. But when he and Christabel meet once again, dangerous temptation hangs in the air.

    Richard sees his chance to teach Christabel a lesson. He'll prove to her that he can still command her body, mind and soul then he'll be the one to walk away....

    Juliet Landon - Scandalous Innocent

    Two women, generations apart, both on the brink of scandal...

    Phoebe shared more than her unruly dark curls with her ancestor whose portrait graced the walls of the Earl of Dysart's country home. Impatient of convention, both women had retreated from the excesses of London life.

    Yet neither had enjoyed peace for long. Their retreat was a challenge to Society's most notorious rakes certain Viscount Ransome seemed set on making Phoebe his own. But secrets and passion were part of the fabric of the house and Phoebe had learned from her rebellious ancestor. She planned to bring the arrogant viscount to his knees....

    Sophia James - One Ilicit Night

    After one uncharacteristically wicked night, the once-reckless Eleanor Bracewell-Lowen now leads a safe and prudent life.

    On his return to London's high society, Lord Cristo Wellingham looks different from the man she knew so briefly in Paris, but he is still as magnetic....

    In his cold amber eyes Eleanor detects something she has seen mirrored in her own longing. His touch invites passion, but this is a man who could destroy her good name with just one glance....

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