Harlequin SuperRomance Collection

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  1. conguyen

    conguyen Sinh viên năm IV

    Laura Abbot

    • Class Act
    • A letter for annie
    • Stranger at the door

    Andrews Beth
    • Do You Take This Cop
    • His Secret Agenda
    • A marine for Christmas
    • Not without her family
    • Not so perfect past

    Atkins Dawn
    • Home for harmony
    • A lot like Christmas
    Barrett Linda

    • Quaterback daddy
    Zana Bell

    • Tempting The negotiator
    Karina Bliss

    • Here Comes the Groom
    • Like Father, Like Son
    • Mr. Imperfect
    • Mr. Irresistible
    • Mr. Unforgettable
    • Second-Chance Family
    • What The Librarian Did
    Mary Brady

    • Promise To A Boy
    Brenna Helen

    • Along Came a Husband
    • The Moon That Night
    Rogenna Brewer

    • The marine's baby
    C.J. Charmichael

    • Christmas with Daddy
    • The Dad Next Door
    • Matthew's Children
    • The P.I. Contest
    • Perfect partners
    • Receptionist undercover
    Celmer Michelle

    • Nanny Next Door
    Anna DeStefano

    • Because Of A Boy
    • The Firefighter's Secret Baby
    • The Runaway Daughter
    • To Protect the Child
    • To Save a family
    Margot Early

    • Here to Stay
    • Love Potion #2
    • The Things We Do for Love
    Ann Evans

    • That Last Night in Texas
    Roz Denny Fox

    • Cowboy Soldier
    • More than Memory
    Susan Gable

    • The Baby Plan
    • The Family Plan
    • A Kid To The Rescue
    • Whose Child
    Abby Gaines

    • The Diaper Diaries
    • The Groom Came Back
    • Married By Mistake
    Darlene Gardener

    • An Honourable Man
    • The other woman's son
    • That Runaway summer
    Kristi Gold

    • His Best Mistake
    Elaine Grant

    • Make Believe mom
    Candy Halliday

    • Adopted parents
    • Dad***8217;s e-mail order bride
    Ellen Hartman

    • The boyfriends back
    • Calling the shots
    Holly Jacobs

    • Homecoming day
    • A one of a kind family
    • Unexpected gifts
    James Ellen

    • The maine man
    Janice Kay Johnson

    • The baby agenda
    • Charlotte's Homecoming
    • The Man Behind The Cop
    • Match Made in Court
    • Snowbound
    • Someone like her
    • Through the sheriff's eyes
    Tracy Kelleher

    • Family Be mine
    Joan Kilby

    • Her Great Expectations
    • How to trap parent
    • In his good hands
    Amy Knupp
    • Fully Involved
    • A little consequence
    • Playing with fire
    • The secret she kept
    Geri krotow

    • Sasha's Dad
    Kara Lennox

    • Taken To the Edge
    Jeannie London

    • Her Husband's partner
    Stella Maclean
    • Baby In her arms
    • A child changes everything
    Sarah Mayberry

    • Collection
    Carolyn McSparren

    • Bachelor cop
    Kimberly Van Meter

    • Collection
    Tanya Michaels

    • Mother to be
    Jenna Mills

    • This time for keeps
    Brenda Mott

    • Ranch at the river end
    Cindi Myers
    • Child's Play
    • Dance with the Doctor
    • Her mountain men
    Novak, Brenda & O'Brien, Kathleen & karina bliss

    • That Christmas feeling
    Kathleen O'brien
    • Texas Trouble
    • Texas wedding
    Molly O'keefe
    • His Wife for One Night
    • The Scandal and Carter O'Neill
    • Temptation of Savannah O'Neill
    • Tyler O'Neill's Redemption
    Tara Taylor Quinn
    • The Baby Gamble
    • The first wife
    • Sophie's secret
    Debra Salonen
    • Baby By Contract
    • Betting on Santa
    • Finding Their Son
    • The Good Provider
    • His Brother's Secret
    • Until He Met Rachel
    Angel Smit
    • A message for Julia
    Jamie Sobrato
    • The one that got away
    Kay Stockholm
    • Another Man's Baby
    • Her Best Friend's Brother
    • His Son's Teacher
    • Man with a past
    • Montana' s secret
    • She's the one
    Linda Style
    • Going for broke
    Mary Sullivan
    • A cowboy's Plan
    • This cowboy's Son
    Liz Talley
    • A little Texas
    • Vegas two step
    • The way to vega
    Cynthia Thomason
    • Deal me in
    Linda Warren
    • Texas Bluff
    Margaret Watson
    • Can't Stand the Heat
    • Life Rewritten
    • No Place Like Home
    • A Place Called Home
    Jeannie Watt
    • Always A temp
    • Maddie inherits a cowboy
    • Once and for all
    Carrie Weaver
    • Baby im yours
    • Once a ranger
    • Temporary nanny
    Tracy Wolff
    • Beginning with Their Baby
    • Unguarded
    Lenora Worth
    • Because of Jane

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