Tây y HIV/AIDS Treatment in Resource Poor Countries: Public Health Challenges

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    Yichen Lu, Max Essex, Chris Chanyasulkit - HIV/AIDS Treatment in Resource Poor Countries: Public Health Challenges
    Những thách thức của Y tế công cộng trong điều trị HIV/AIDS ở những quốc gia nghèo

    Published: 2012-10-28 | ISBN: 1461445191, 1489985816 | PDF | 100 pages | 1.08 MB

    The book focuses on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment strategies in resource-poor settings. Contributors include HIV/AIDS researchers and public health administrators from the US, Africa, China, and Thailand. Several chapters, written by local health officials, take a close look at AIDS prevention and treatment in China at the community level. Other chapters cover issues of treatment scale-up, drug resistance, and mother-to-child transmission in Southern Africa and Thailand, and offer lessons learned for researchers in other developing countries. Overall the aim of this book is to bring some of the latest issues to the fore, and to foster exchange and collaboration between AIDS researchers in developing countries. This book grew out of an annual conference held in China and organized by the Harvard School of Public Health, and could possibly become the first volume of a series.

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