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    Have you ever seen your body language in front of the mirror? Today You will learn about body language in English speaking countries for a job interview.

    When was the last time you went to an interview? How did it go? Were you aware of what you were doing with your body during the interview? In what way?

    You've got a very short time to make an good impression in a job interview. And any mistake you made could cost you the job. Here are six of the most common body language mistakes that people make in interviews.

    1. Focus
    Keep your smartphone, mobile or PDA in your pocket or bag during an interview. Avoid holding it and never, under any circumstances, take it out to look at it or answer it if it starts ringing. In fact, to be on the safe side, turn it off before the interview. Also, if you're making notes on your PDA, it could look like you're making texting a friend, so use a pen and paper.

    2. Hands
    Try to avoid clasping your hands as this could make you look nervous or uncomfortable. The same goes for rubbing your hands together. This could look like you think you've already got the job or worse, that you're thinking of all the money you'll be earning. Let your hands rest naturally at your sides or on your lap.

    3. Time
    Avoid looking at your watch or checking the time on your mobile or a wall clock. You may well be bored, but if you want that job, you shouldn't let the interview know that. Clock-watching is extremely distracting for the person you're supposed to be talking to.

    4. Arms
    Be careful with what you do with your arms. If you cross them, it could make you look defensive. Let them hang loosely at your sides or gently on your lap.

    5. Eye Rolling
    Some people have a tendency to roll their eyes in conversation - often as an involuntary reaction to something surprising they've heard. However, you should avoid doing this at all costs - it looks like you think the other person is stupid or boring. Save you eye rolling for when you're back in your car or office and out of sight.

    6. Eye Contact
    Try to maintain eye contact with the person you're talking to. Not doing so could make you appear untrustworthy. On the other hand, don't stare as that's scary!

    [h=3]In the world of business, just one of these body language blunders can take just seconds, but it could ruin your chances of getting the job you want.[/h] Glossary
    - body language (n): the feelings or emotions that you show through the position or movement of your body

    - to avoid (v): If you "avoid" something, you don't do it or you try not to do it.

    - to clasp (v): If you "clasp" something, you hold it tightly in your hands.

    - to rub (v): If you "rub" a part of your body, you move your fingers over it while pressing firmly.

    - to rest (v): If you let your hands "rest", you put them in a position where they're supported or relaxed.

    - a lap (n): the area on top of your legs when you're sitting.

    - clock-watching (n): continuously looking at a clock/watch so you know the time.

    - to cross (v): If you "cross" your arms, you put one arm over the other one.

    - to hang loosely: If your arms are "hanging loosely", they're in a relaxed position at your sides.

    - to roll your eyes: to make a circular movement with your eyes from one side to the other side. People often do this when they hear something they don't like.

    - an involuntary reaction: a reaction that is automatic - you can't control it.

    - untrustworthy (adj): someone who is "untrustworth" is dishonest, you can't trust them.

    - to stare (v): If you "stare" at something, you look at it for a long time.

    - scary (adj): frightening

    - a blunder (n): a mistake / error

    - to ruin your chances: If something you do or say "ruin your chances" of getting a job.
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