Honeymoon, Missing Person, A Self-Conscious Art - Patrick Modiano (2014 Nobel prize in literature)

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    Here are the English translations of two novels of Patrick Modiano (Nobel Prize for Literature 2014) and one
    one study of Modiano's work:

    1) Honeymoon (English translation of "Voyage de noces" (1990))
    Modiano, winner of the Prix Goncourt, constructs "a haunting tale of quiet intensity" (Review of Contemporary Fiction). It parallels the story of Jean B., a filmmaker who abandons his wife and career to hole up in a Paris hotel, with that of Ingrid and Rigaud, a refugee couple he'd met twenty years before, and whose mystery continues to haunt him.

    2) Missing Person (English translation of "Rue des Boutiques Obscures" (1978))
    In this strange, elegant novel, winner of France's premier literary prize, Patrick Modiano portrays a man in pursuit of the identity he lost in the murky days of the Paris Occupation, the black hole of French memory.
    For ten years Guy Roland has lived without a past. His current life and name were given to him by his recently retired boss, Hutte, who welcomed him, a onetime client, into his detective agency. Guy makes full use of Hutte's files - directories, yearbooks, and papers of all kinds going back half a century - but his leads are few. Could he really be the person in that photograph, a young man remembered by some as a South American attaché? Or was he someone else, perhaps the disappeared scion of a prominent local family? He interviews strangers and is tantalized by half-clues until, at last, he grasps a thread that leads him through the maze of his own repressed experience.

    3) A Self-Conscious Art: Patrick Modiano's Postmodern Fictions
    A Self-Conscious Art is the first full-length study in English to attempt to deal with the formal complexities of Modiano's work, by reading 'against the grain' of his self-professed ingenuousness. A detailed examination of his narratives shows the deeply postmodern nature of his writing. Parodying precursors such as Proust or the nouveau romanciers, his narratives are built around a profound lack of faith in the ability of writing to retrieve the past through memory, and this failure is acknowledged in the discreet playfulness that characterises his novels. This book is a timely introduction to the work of one of the most successful modern French novelists.

    Other English translations of Modiano's works, when found, will be promptly posted.

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    Thank you very much; I highly appreciate all your book reviews, very informative and inspiring. You must be a professional. Thanks again.
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