Kỹ thuật How It Works Book of Amazing Technology Volume 4

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    Imagine Publishing Ltd | 2015 | ISBN: 1785461621 | English | 180 pages | True PDF | 46.00 Mb

    Today’s world is driven by technology. It’s changed the way we communicate
    over mobile phones and the Internet, the way we travel in hybrid cars and on
    hoverboards, the way we build high skyscrapers and underground metro
    systems, and the way we treat patients and investigate crimes. The newest
    developments in technology change the way we live, but few of us actually
    understand the inner workings of our most sophistacted gadgets and
    machines. With this fourth volume of The How It Works Book of Amazing
    Technology, we aim to answer the questions behind today’s technology,
    from small appliances like a drill, to huge and intangible concepts like cloud
    computing. Get closer to understanding our world, and start reading!

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