How to Develop a Super Power Memory - Harry Lorayne

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    How to Develop a Super Power Memory
    How to Develop a Super Power Memory

    Memory is money!
    Memory is power!
    Memory improves relationships!
    Imagine you are taking a crucial exam and suddenly you forget some major facts! Or you are at a business meeting and the name of the all-important client escapes your mind! Or you are wooing this girl,and call her by a different name!
    Memory can turn the tide in your favour, or against it. Now with this book tap into your most precious resource and unleash the natural powers within you. You will never again have to be told anything twice...

    Some insights into developing Super Memory:
    *There is no such thing as poor memory-only a trained,and untrained one. There is no limit to the capacity of the memory.
    *If you can remember anything by association-you can do it with anything else.
    *Use link-method which shows how to associate ridiculous mental images with the items you want to remember.
    *Memorise the Morse Code in just half an hour.
    *Remember the lay and play of cards in any card game.

    About the author:
    TV infomercial star Harry Lorayne reveals his positive methods of developing a photographic memory. If knowledge is powerful then memory is super powerful! You will increase your memory capacity by tenfold and learn to accurately recall anything, anytime, anywhere - such as : Prices, Phone Numbers, Names, Codes, Details, Facts, Orders etc.
    Harry Lorayne appears frequently on his US-wide television infomercials. He is recognised as the most respected and foremost authority on memory and the author of a dozen books, including several best-sellers (Secrets of Mind Power, The Memory Book, and Memory Makes Money). His exceptionally productive memory training programmes continue to be used by many of leading American Corporations.

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