Fantasy Inkworld Series #1~3 - Cornelia Funke

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    Inkworld is a series of three fantasy novels written by German author Cornelia Funke, comprisingInkheart (2003), Inkspell (2005), and Inkdeath (2007). The books chronicle the adventures of teenager Meggie Folchart whose life changes dramatically when she realizes that she and her father, a bookbinder named Mo, have the unusual ability to bring characters from books into the real world when reading aloud. Mostly set in Northern Italy and the parallel world of the fictionalInkheart book, the central story arc concerns the magic of books, their characters and creatures, and the art of reading.
    Originally released in German-speaking Europe, beginning with the first novel Inkheart in 2003, the books have since gained popularity, critical acclaim and commercial success worldwide. The English translation of the third book, entitled Inkdeath, by Anthea Bell is due out in October 2008. In 2004, Funke sold the film rights to all three books to New Line Cinema; thus far, the first book has been made into a motion picture, with a yet-unknown release for January 2009.[/TD]

    Gồm 3 quyển:

    1. Inkheart
    2. Inkspell
    3. Inkdeath


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