Romance Inner Diva - Laurie Larsen

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    Inner Diva
    by Laurie Larsen

    Publication Date: June 28, 2011

    Life has been full of pain and disappointment for Carlos, a hot, brooding Hispanic man – his father and brother dying in a car accident when he was in his teens, a broken engagement when the woman he loved chose her career over him, his less-than-stellar scholastic results. Now, he’s grown up and recognizes his family responsibilities to his mother and sister, while trying to overcome the consequences of a violent past.

    Monica grew up in her sister’s shadow, but now she's striking out on her own to make a difference in the world. She volunteers to be a Big Sister and gets assigned to Carlos’ little sister. But more than anything, her dream is to be an actress. Frequent daydreams about being an actress on the red carpet get her into trouble in her real life. She’s accustomed to working backstage, but now’s her time to shine in the spotlight.

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    Theirs is an unlikely pairing, but can they make each others' dreams come true?

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