Detective Jeffrey Archer Collection

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    Jeffrey Howard Archer, Baron Archer of Weston-super-Mare (born 15 April 1940) is an English author and former politician. Before becoming an author, Archer was a Member of Parliament (1969–74), but resigned over a financial scandal which left him almost bankrupt. Later, after a reversal in his fortunes from the royalties of his best-selling novels, he became deputy chairman of the Conservative Party (1985–86) before resigning after another scandal, which would lead to the end of his career in elected office. He was made a life peer in 1992. His political career ended with his conviction and subsequent imprisonment (2001–03) for perjury and perverting the course of justice, which followed his second resignation. His books have sold at least 250 million copies worldwide
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    A Matter of Honour
    A Prisoner of Birth
    A Quiver Full of Arrows
    A Twist in the Tale
    And Thereby Hangs a Tale
    As the Crow Flies
    Cat O'Nine Tales_ And Other Stories
    Eleventh Commandment
    False Impression
    First Among Equals
    Heaven_ A Prison Diary Volume 3
    Hell_ A Prison Diary Volume 1
    Honour Among Thieves
    Kane and Abel
    Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less
    Only Time Will Tell
    Paths of Glory
    Purgatory_ A Prison Diary Volume 2
    Shall We Tell the President
    Sons of Fortune
    The Fourth Estate
    The Prodigal Daughter
    The Sins of the Father
    To Cut a Long Story Short
    Twelve Red Herrings

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