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    Kathleen (A.K.A Puss) O'Reilly was born in December 31, 1867 at Point Ellice House.

    Kathleen received her education at Angela College, Victoria. From 1883 to 1885 she attended Lady Murry's School in Kensington, London England.

    She had a few special romances; in particular, with Captain Robert Scott, who was famous for his Antarctic expeditions, and Captain Henry Stanhope, who later became Lord Chesterfield. Henry Stanhope proposed to Kathleen, but she never accepted his proposal and was never married.

    In 1897 she was presented at the drawing room reception to the Lord Lieutenant and Countess Cadogan in Dublin Eire. She also attended the receptions at Government House, and other parties at the homes of friends, and the navy ships. She accompanied her mother on many of her social visits.

    Kathleen was involved in church activities like Sunday school, bazaars and church decorations. At home she helped her mother with receiving guests and visitors and helped with light chores like arranging floral decorations and making jams and pies. After her mother's death she became mistress of the house. She enjoyed drawing and painting, embroidery and music [the harp]; also riding, croquet, tennis, golf, skating, and picnics and riding. In 1896 she also practiced bicycle riding. Kathleen O'Reilly died on April 18, 1945 of a cerebral hemorrhage and is buried at Ross Bay cemetery in Victoria BC
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