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    So You Want to Be a Librarian
    by Lauren Pressley
    • Publisher: Library Juice Press (July 1, 2009)
    • Language: English
    Librarians tend to love their work and consider librarianship a great career. This book is by a talented librarian who wants to introduce people, especially people searching for the right career, to the profession. It answers such questions as: What do librarians do? What are the different types of libraries and professional jobs in libraries? What are librarians all about and what hot issues do they discuss in their professional lives? What do I do to become a librarian? What are some important things to know once I'm in a masters program in library science? This book is an essential introduction to the profession for someone who is at the point of choosing a career.
    Lauren Pressley is the Director for Learning Environments at Virginia Tech University Libraries. Her professional interests include strategic thinking, advocacy, the library's role in the teaching and research missions of the university, and mentoring new and emerging professionals in the field. She particularly likes helping people think about the changing information landscape and what it means for them as consumers and producers of information.

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