Lessons From a Scarlet Lady - Emma Wildes

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    [TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F8F7F4"][​IMG] Lessons From a Scarlet Lady by Emma Wildes
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    "[SIZE=-1]This wickedly exciting romance will draw you in and take hold of your heart.[/SIZE]"
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    No real lady should take lessons from a scarlet woman...

    The Duke of Rolthven's new wife, Brianna, is the perfect aristocratic bride. So what would society say if they saw her with a copy of Lady Rothburg's Advice--a courtesan's lessons for the boudoir? When his innocent wife suddenly becomes a vixen in the bedroom, the proper Duke is truly astounded by her seductive powers. Following a courtesan's advice might lead to trouble-but will it lead to Brianna's ultimate desire: winning her husband's love?

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