Lost to You (Take This Regret, #0.5) - A.L. Jackson

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    The story begins when Christian and Elizabeth’s meet during their first semester of Columbus University. They are in the same American Government class and are picked to be study partners. The connection is immediate and will have you smiling from ear to ear. A happy squeal escaped my lips once or twice for sure.

    Elizabeth’s guard was immediately up when met her new study partner because she doesn’t trust the looks, smirks or words that fell out of his mouth. She knows the type of guy he is and wants none of it! (Shoo go away). Elizabeth worked hard to get to Columbia and needs to stay focused on her grades in order to maintain the grants, scholarships and student loans. No need to muck it up with a boy who only wants one thing.

    Christian walks into the café and is instantly taken with Elizabeth. He tries to try his typical antics that work on all the girls who will immediately drop their panties for him but soon realizes that Elizabeth is different. She deserves more and he wants to give her more. But how much more and is he capable of it? Resolved to not hurt her he decides to try and focus on a friendship.

    Rating: 17+

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