Phật Giáo LTWA. Feminine Wisdom, Collection of Articles on Tibetan Women

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    Tibetan women have played unparalleled and examplary role in shaping the contours of Tibetan civilization and in the preservation of Tibetan race, language, culture and religion. However, though the women's studies in general have made a major progress in recent decades, the study of Tibetan women has not made a similar stride, due partly to lack of literature and historical sources on the Tibetan women and partly to the gender prejudice.

    Therefore, an unbiased and in-depth research is necessary in order to have a proper understanding of the Tibetan women's history and role in general and their contribution towards the Tibetan civilization in particular. And, in order to encourage and facilitate research and study on Tibetan women, the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives has brought out this publication entitled Feminine Wisdom: Collection of Articles on Tibetan Women. These articles, authored by prominent scholars, have originally appeared in various issues of Tibet Journal, a quarterly publication of this institute devoted to the scholarly and general interest articles on Tibetan civilization.

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