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    Rethinking the Future

    Rethinking the Future: Rethinking Business, Principles, Competition, Control & Complexity, Leadership, Markets, and the World
    Rowan Gibson

    Rethinking The Future is about a world of increasing uncertainty in which the very nature of work, of organizations and of economics is changing. It is about the move away from traditional hierarchies and the democratization of power, about giant nation states a nd corporations giving way to global networks. Rethinking The Future examines the changing role of t he leader and the powerful influence of corporate culture. And it probes the universal prin ciples and values that ultimately govern the success of any leader or organization. It also look s at strategies for creating tomorrow's competitive advantages and tomorrow's markets, which will be d riven by new demographics, new global structures, and new technology. Rethinking The F uture gives readers a framework, a panoramic perspective for understanding the changes taking p lace daily in the global issues as they impact on our daily lives through technological advance, t he economy, social policy, and government regulation. -- Midwest Book Review

    In a series of original and inspiring contributions, a celebrated group of authors that includes Stephen Covey and Peter Senge defines the new paradigm that will revolutionize business and society in the 21st century. Rethinking the Future examines the changing role of the leader and the powerful influence in corporate culture.

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