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    Tham gia ngày: Aug 2008
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    Katie Ellison lies --- a lot. She just can't help it. For starters she lies to customers at the Gull 'n Gulp, where she works as a waitress, telling them that the corner booth is reserved for a large party. All the locals know that the booth is reserved for the Quahogs, her school's football team. They have been the state champions for the past 16 years, except for when Katie was in eighth grade and they were disqualified. No one talks about that year --- ever. Quahogs, pronounced Koh-hogs, are also a type of clam revered by the town. There is even a Quahog festival, and Katie is in the running for Quahog princess.

    Katie's life sounds fine, even fun. She's been dating football star Seth for four years, and they're ready for an exciting senior year. The problem is, she's making out at least once a day with Eric, a drama club hottie. She just can't bear to break up with either of them. Her super-popular best friend Sydney doesn't even know about Eric.

    In reality, Katie doesn't like quahogs, even if they're fried and ground up in batter. And she's secretly saving up for a super professional camera so her parents don't know that the one they gave her for Christmas just isn't good enough.

    Katie is barely managing to keep her lies going by the time Tommy Sullivan returns to town. Four years ago, they were best friends and worked together on the school newspaper. Katie was an ace photographer, while Tommy was a reporter. When he learned that the football team was cheating on their SATs, Katie begged him not to run the story and ruin the Quahogs' chances for the championship. He didn't listen to her, and he and his family soon left town. "Tommy Sullivan is a freak" is still spray painted on the side of the gymnasium, and the town can't afford to sandblast it. Plus they don't know who did it. But, of course, Katie does.

    Tommy is looking hotter than ever, and Katie thinks he's back for revenge. He follows her around and learns about all her lies. Katie is no longer interested in her two boyfriends and wants very much to kiss Tommy. She has to straighten everything out to fight for what she wants now.

    Katie is funny even as she makes lots of crazy mistakes. Readers will be cheering her on as she learns about doing the right thing for herself. Meg Cabot delivers another stand-alone winner with PANTS ON FIRE.

    --- Reviewed by Amy Alessio

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