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  1. Song Ngư

    Song Ngư Sinh viên năm I

    Vision by N. D. Hansen-Hill
    Category: Horror
    Words: 81650 Reading time: 233-326 min.

    Description: Dustin Mallory is a man trapped by the past. He is no more a victim than his friends, whose reach at times extends beyond the grave, or whose thoughts take unwanted strolls through other people's minds. If the past can come forward enough to taunt Ma...

    The Story of Love by Vera Nazarian
    Category: Fantasy
    Words: 6467 Reading time: 18-25 min.

    Description: Sharing the ancient world milieu of Nazarian's novel Dreams of the Compass Rose, "The Story of Love" explores the wide spectrum of the power of love ... from manipulation and desperation to relief and gratitude, and ultimately to fulfillment.

    Captive Girl by Jennifer Pelland
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 7196 Reading time: 20-28 min.

    Description: Confined to a padded walker, a young woman scans the sky from behind an extra-sensory metal mask, searching for the alien invaders that attacked Earth when she was a little girl.

    The Helper and His Hero by Matthew Hughes
    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 39433 Reading time: 112-157 min.

    Description: Matthew Hughes's tales from the Penultimate Age of Old Earth have made him one of the most popular writers in recent years for The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. "The Helper and His Hero" marks the culmination of the sequence of Guth Bandar...

    Stars Seen Through Stone by Lucius Shepard

    Category: Science Fiction
    Words: 28183 Reading time: 80-112 min.

    Description: Mr. Shepard's most recent book is a new novel, Softspoken. A "Best of Lucius Shepard" collection is currently in formative stages and the preliminary list of contents includes this new novella, a tale of life and love in Pennsylvania. Mr. Shepard him...

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