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    A Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice 10th Edition
    Author: Michael Armstrong

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    [TD="class: alt2"] Review for 9th edition
    This ninth edition of the best-selling Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice has been fully updated to take account of the latest developments in HRM. Entailing every aspect of the human resource function, this highly comprehensive handbook considers the function in relation to the needs of the business as a whole. Recognizing HRM as a strategic process, Michael Armstrong offers clear practical advice on how companies can maximize the effectiveness of the HRM function and ensure that it makes a major contribution to organizational success. Covering a wide range of topics, this new edition is packed with all the essential information on HRM theory and best practice. In the light of new concepts of good practice and the outcomes of fresh research, the following areas have been either wholly replaced or substantially revised: HRM - characteristics, impact and context; HRM - development and issues; role of the HR function; role of the HR practitioner; strategic human resource management; competency-based HRM; how people learn; the delivery of learning and training; reward management fundamentals; job evaluation; grade and pay structures; involvement and participation. This Handbook is an essential guide for both students taking a Master's degree in HRM as well as CIPD students. In this edition, there are new additional chapters on: talent management; e-learning; facilitating change.[/TD]


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