Other Economics Nation Building - Big Lessons from Successes and Failures

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  1. Nation Building - Big Lessons from Successes and Failures
    Edited by Dominic Rohner and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

    - What are the key ingredients for nation building? This is a question that has occupied politicians and heads of state for centuries and has no clear or uniform answer. This eBook draws from a rich array of examples from across the world to formulate broad policy guidelines and to determine what contributes towards constructing a stable and prosperous nation.
    - The authors identify social cohesion as a crucial determinate of security, development, and economic outcomes. However, various internal factors, including the level of segregation and polarisation within countries, strongly influence optimal policy options for each nation. The external security situation, meanwhile, can impact the ability to maintain peace and foster identity within borders. The eBook stresses that developing social cohesion is far from straightforward and highlights examples of homogenisation policies which can cause adverse effects, and in some cases, may even lead to conflict.
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