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    Patrick Moore, "The Amateur Astronomer"
    English | 2006 | ISBN: 1852338784 | True PDF | pages: 293 | 8,6 Mb
    Twelfth Edition
    Ai trong chúng ta cũng từng là những đứa trẻ,
    cũng từng ngước nhìn trời đêm và mơ về những vì sao.

    This 2000 Edition of Sir Patrick Moore's classic book has been completely revised in the light of changes in technology. Not only do these changes include commercially available astronomical telescopes and software, but also what we know and understand about the universe.
    There are many new photographs and illustrations.
    Packs a great deal of valuable information into appendices which make up almost half the book. These are hugely comprehensive and provide hints and tips, as well as data (year 2000 onwards) for pretty well every aspect of amateur astronomy.
    This is probably the only book in which all this information is collected in one place.

    Many popular books upon astronomy have been written during the past few years, but most of them cater either for the casual
    dabbler who is content to learn from the depths of his armchair or else for the serious amateur who already knows the main facts. What I have done, or tried to do, is to strike a happy mean. This book has been aimed at the needs of the beginner who knows nothing whatsoever, but who is nevertheless anxious to make a start with what equipment he can collect at limited cost.

    All astronomers, professional or amateur, were beginners once, and all have had to draw upon the experience of those who have learned before them. I feel some diffidence about offering myself as a guide, but at least I have one qualification: in my early days as an observer I made almost every mistake that it is possible to make! This explains the frequent occurrence of such phrases as "I once saw...." and "I remem- ber that when I.." I hope therefore that what I have written may prevent others from falling into the same ridiculous traps.

    A common fault in popular books is that too much space is devoted to the Moon and planets, and too little to the greater problems of the stars. I am well aware that I have laid myself open to precisely this criticism, but there is a reason for it. I repeat that I am writing for the amateur who wants to observe; and while the owner of a small telescope can make himself extremely useful in the lunar and planetary field, he is rather more limited with regard to stellar problems. I hope, therefore, that the fault may be forgiven.

    If this book has a use, it will be to the man who works with cheap and limited equipment. I have, however, given a list of more advanced works which can be consulted by anyone who wants to go more deeply into the subject.

    Astronomy is the most satisfying of all hobbies; taken as a class,
    astronomers are friendly folk. If my book persuades a few people to take a real interest in the heavens, I shall feel that it has been well worth writing.

    Patrick Moore
    August 1957

    The first edition of The Amateur Astronomer was published almost half a century ago. Other editions followed, and I hope it is fair to say that they introduced quite a number of people to astronomy. But things have changed since then. In 1957, the average amateur astronomer worked with a modest telescope and a simple camera; his main targets were the planets and some variable stars. Not so today. Electronic devices have largely replaced photographic film, telescopes are computer-controlled and the well-equipped camera can produce results equal to those of major professional observatories a few decades
    ago. Old-fashioned visual observers are as outdated as dinosaurs.

    I have to admit that I am a dinosaur, and when I was asked to prepare a new edition of this book, I had to make a decision. There was no point in catering for the electronics expert and computer user; others can do that far better than I ever could. So it was better to retain the original pattern, bringing it up to date but not attempting to go further. If you belong to the technology of the twenty-first century, this is not the book for you; otherwise - well, I hope that you will find it useful.
    Sir Patrick Moore
    Selsey, January 2005

    1 Astronomy as a Hobby 1
    2 The Unfolding Universe 3
    3 Telescopes and Observatories 17
    4 The Solar System 31
    5 The Sun 41
    6 The Moon 51
    7 Occultations and Eclipses 67
    8 Aurorae and the Zodiacal Light 77
    9 The Nearer Planets 83
    10 The Outer Planets 93
    11 Comets and Meteors 105
    12 The Stellar Sky 119
    13 The Nature of a Star 127
    14 Double Stars 133
    15 Variable Stars 139
    16 Star Clusters and Nebulae 149
    17 Galaxies 159
    18 Beginnings and Endings 167
    1 Planetary Data 169
    2 Planetary Satellites of Magnitude 14.5 or Brighter 170
    3 Minor Planet Data 171
    4 Elongations and Transits of the Inferior Planets 172
    5 Map of Mars 174
    6 Jupiter: Transit Work 176
    7 Saturn: Intensity Estimates 178
    8 Forthcoming Eclipses 179
    9 The Limiting Lunar Detail Visible with Different
    Apertures 180
    10 The Lunar Maps 181
    11 Some of the More Important Annual Meteor Showers 193
    12 The Constellations 194
    13 Proper Names of Stars 197
    14 Stars of the First Magnitude 204
    15 Standard Stars for Each Magnitude 205
    16 The Greek Alphabet 207
    17 Stellar Spectra 208
    18 Limiting Magnitudes and Separations for Various
    Apertures 209
    19 Angular Measure 210
    20 Test Double Stars 211
    21 Extinction 212
    22 Bright Novae 213 
    23 Messier's Catalogue 215
    24 The Caldwell Catalogue 218
    25 The Star Maps 221
    26 The Observation of Variable Stars 273
    27 Some Periodical Comets 285
    28 Amateur Observatories 286
    29 Astronomical Societies 288
    30 Bibliography 289
    Index 291

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