No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller - Harry Markopolos

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    Harry Markopolos and his team of financial sleuths discuss first-hand how they cracked the Madoff Ponzi scheme
    No One Would Listen is the thrilling story of how the Harry Markopolos, a little-known number cruncher from a Boston equity derivatives firm, and his investigative team uncovered Bernie Madoff's scam years before it made headlines, and how they desperately tried to warn the government, the industry, and the financial press.

    Page by page, Markopolos details his pursuit of the greatest financial criminal in history, and reveals the massive fraud, governmental incompetence, and criminal collusion that has changed thousands of lives forever-as well as the world's financial system.
    • The only book to tell the story of Madoff's scam and the SEC's failings by those who saw both first hand
    • Describes how Madoff was enabled by investors and fiduciaries alike
    • Discusses how the SEC missed the red flags raised by Markopolos
    Despite repeated written and verbal warnings to the SEC by Harry Markopolos, Bernie Madoff was allowed to continue his operations. No One Would Listen paints a vivid portrait of Markopolos and his determined team of financial sleuths, and what impact Madoff's scam will have on financial markets and regulation for decades to come.

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